Truth Be Told season 2, episode 6 recap – “All These Women”

By Daniel Hart
Published: September 24, 2021
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Apple TV plus series Truth Be Told season 2, episode 6 - All These Women


Two best friends at war with each other bumps up the entertainment a little bit.

This recap of Apple TV+’s Truth Be Told season 2, episode 6, “All These Women,” contains spoilers.

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As we reach an integral point of this series, it’s become a Micah versus Poppy storyline — two best friends (who we didn’t know were best friends last season) at war with each other for the supposed truth. Let’s see if the writers can make this story worthwhile.

Truth Be Told season 2, episode 6 recap

Episode 6 opens with Poppy recording her podcast stating that Micah has perfected the art of deceit. She brings in Holt’s name, explaining that he is a suspect and Micah’s lover. In the next scene, Rose offers Holt food — they are both hiding. Holt is worried about Rose and her medication, but Rose is wondering what would happen if they told the truth.

Meanwhile, Micah is thinking to herself in her office, and then Ivy walks in and tells her that HR is swamped with resignations. However, Micah does not seem phased — she doesn’t want anyone who has lost faith in her. Ivy is worried about the optics, with three sponsors putting their deals on hold. Micah is insistent that she will never step away.

With the investigation underway against Micah, we experience a flashback of a young Poppy with her abusive alcoholic. A young Micah was there to help her after her mother burned her neck — she soothes it with water. In the present day, Poppy thinks about an event in 2017 where a young Micah and Rose end up at the police station at the same time.

In the present day, Micah does try and make peace talks — she rings Poppy and tells her she wants to talk in person because she misses her. She wants to fix things, but Poppy tells her that she lied. Micah explains that she was scared and raises how Poppy always lies. Taking no bullshit, Poppy asks about Rose, and Micah explains she was homeless on the street with Holt. The conversation quickly turns dark — Poppy tells Micah that she loves her but doesn’t trust her, and Micah responds saying she could easily destroy her life as she knows so much about her. Ouch.

Moving swiftly back to the podcast, Poppy talks about how Rose met Joshua months before his death. She calls out Rose, believing she knows how the events unfolded. She asks Rose to contact her. Meanwhile, Micah sends a hit piece out regarding Poppy’s family, including details about her father and the neighborhood. Cydie drives to Shelter and she is furious at Micah and her personal attacks. She also tells Markus that working with Micah proves he always chooses the wrong option.

Later on in the episode, Rose starts acting erratic and threatens to contact Poppy — Holt breaks her phone with a hammer, so she smashes him with a wooden beam to knock him unconscious. She tells the unconscious Holt that Micah does not care about him. She then hears the police outside and runs.

The ending

Micah tells Markus’s partner she’s offered Markus a lucrative security contract, but she fears that he will turn it down due to Poppy. She asks the partner to think about it. Poppy then rings Markus and tells him she thinks she knows where Holt’s place is. Markus’s partner then reveals to Markus that Poppy’s husband is leaving her and she knows because Micah told her — it’s all getting a little sticky romantically.

The episode ends with Poppy and Markus finding themselves in trouble. When they get to Holt’s place, it looks empty. Markus notices blood on the floor and Poppy sees an empty bottle of medication — it’s an antipsychotic. Suddenly, the police turn up and point their guns at them. At least it’s getting a little exciting.

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