My Name Is Vendetta ending explained – who was trying to kill Santo?

By Marc Miller
Published: December 1, 2022 (Last updated: February 8, 2024)

We discuss the ending of the Netflix film My Name Is Vendetta which will contain spoilers.

The only way to save Sofia (Ginevra Francesconi) is for her father, Santo (Alessandro Gassmann), to end it all. What does that mean? Santo and Sofia have been on the run since his daughter posted a picture of him on Instagram. This triggered a detection set up by Italian organized crime. Why? Santos used to be Domenico Franze, a contract killer for the Franze family. He was the man who put a bullet in the head of a member of the Lo Biancos family. The issue is that it was Angela Lo Bianco’s son, who is the mafia Don of that family. Ever since then, Santos has lived in peace in the mountains as a logger with his wife and daughter.

Santo kidnaps the other Don’s son, Michele, and tells the head of the crime family to turn himself in to the authorities or he will kill his last son. However, Don tries to kill Santo. Did we really think the man would give up his crime empire for his son? Santo calls his daughter and tells her what he has to do. He storms Don’s mansion, killing dozens of paid protectors. He eventually makes his way to Don’s room and kills him by strangulation. If you are feeling bad for the old man, don’t. Right before Santo ended his worthless life, he called his daughter a “w***e.”

At the same time, the police are monitoring Sofia on her cell phone. One SWAT rushes to Don’s home, and Santo chooses death by cop by raising his gun and receives a handful of hot lead for his trouble. The other SWAT team enters Sofia’s hideout, saving Michele and taking Sofia into their custody.

My Name Is Vendetta ending explained

At the film’s end, Sofia appears to be in a juvenile detention facility run by some local nuns in Northern Italy. She is visited by Don’s son, Marco. He offers her a peace offering. There should be peace now between the families. There is nothing on her for Sofia’s role in her father’s assault of mafioso personnel all over Italy. So, if she needs help, Michele tells Sofia to get a hold of her when she gets out. However, when Michele leaves, he tells his muscle to kill her by strangulation when she is released. This seems like a setup by the crime family to arrange her release the next day to silence her.

The following day, Sofia is gone and left the night before. She surprises Michele at his office. She could get by security by showing his business card and flashing a smile. Sofia gets up close and personal with Michele, doing what her father taught her. Michele is intrigued by her, thinking this underage girl is interested in him. Suddenly, Sofia pulls out the knife her father Santo gave her. She stabs him at a 90-degree angle right into his neck. Right before she murdered the new Don in cold blood, she told him both sides had to agree to peace.

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