Will there be a My Name Is Vendetta sequel?

By Lori Meek
Published: November 30, 2022 (Last updated: 3 weeks ago)

We discuss whether there will be a My Name Is Vendetta 2, a sequel to the Netflix film My Name Is Vendetta and will contain spoilers. 

Written and directed by Cosimo Gomez (whose previous work includes the crime thriller Ugly Nasty People), My Name Is Vendetta (original title: Il Mio Nome è Vendetta) is a revenge thriller set in northern Italy. The film about a father-daughter duo keen on avenging the death of their family at the hands of a mob boss played by Remo Girone (who you might remember from Killing Eve), is full of almost nonstop action and gratuitous violence. Upon its premiere, the movie received mixed to positive reviews, and its current IMDB score is 6.0/10. However, it’s still early days, so that’s likely to change. Considering the movie ends with young Sofia having fully embraced life on the wrong side of the law, could a sequel be in the cards?

My Name Is Vendetta sequel potential release date

It’s difficult to speculate when the sequel of My Name Is Vendetta could come out. The streaming giant tends to premiere them in relatively short succession. Seeing part two hit our screens by the end of 2023 is not exactly out of the question. 

My Name Is Vendetta sequel cast – who might be in it?

Considering most characters didn’t survive until the end of the film, it’s safe to say that Ginevra Francesconi, who plays Sofia, is the only one likely to reprise her role for the sequel. Alessandro Gassmann’s character, Santo, gets shot by police in the final act after finishing off his arch-nemesis, played by Remo Girone. At one point, we did think the mafia boss’s more temperate son, played by Alessio Praticò, may live to see the sequel, yet in the final scene, he meets a brutal demise at Sofia’s hands, marking the young girl’s first kill. 

My Name Is Vendetta sequel plot: what could My Name Is Vendetta 2 be about?

In My Name is Vendetta, a former mafia enforcer loses both his wife and brother-in-law at the hands of mobsters he spent decades running from. He takes his daughter, Sofia, on the run while plotting his revenge on the family hunting him. By the end of the film, Santo finishes up the old mafia boss before being shot down by law enforcement. His daughter, however, is still in danger, as the boss’s son doesn’t hesitate to place a hit on her. Luckily, the clever teen gets to him first, kills him, and goes back on the run. As the movie ends with Sofia getting ready to go into hiding herself, it’s clear she’s not free from danger. 

A sequel could start a year or so after the events of the first film, with Sofia trying to live her life in hiding. She’s changed identities and avoids having her picture taken. What Sofia doesn’t know is that another member of the mob family made it his life’s mission to get revenge for the death of his uncle and cousins. Like in the first film, the girl’s cover is eventually broken because of social media, when she appears in the background of an influencer’s Instagram story. Now, it’s a race against time. Sofia needs to get to this new threat before they find her and finish what they started. 

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