Je Suis Karl review – who is Karl?

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: September 24, 2021
Netflix film Je Suis Karl


Reality gets closely blended with fiction in Je Suis Karl, with a close insight into how grief can allow a vulnerable person to get manipulated. Thoroughly entertaining, with a scary undertone.

This review discusses the Netflix film Je Suis Karl and does not contain spoilers.

Je Suis Karl is a complex film with characters just as complicated. As such, the story alone would be worthy enough for a film, but the well-written characters and the depths of them that Je Suis Karl explores justify watching it more than once. The film itself follows Maxi Baier (Luna Wedler), who after surviving a terrorist attack that kills nearly all of her family befriends beguiling student Karl (Jannis Niewöhner). In the process, Maxi unknowingly becomes a part of a dangerous European youth movement.

In short, Je Suis Karl is a creepy German political thriller, that whilst it may be uncomfortable to watch, feels a lot shorter than its 2-hour runtime. This is because the film feels true to life. And throughout, you may find yourself wondering whether something like this could occur to someone you know in real life. Je Suis Karl could easily continue past the film. One of the main factors being that it would be very interesting to see where the characters find themselves following the conclusion of the film.

Jannis Niewöhner is strangely likable yet horrifying in his role, and it’s no wonder why Luna Wedler’s character Maxi is easily drawn and therefore manipulated by her. The entire cast is great in their roles, but it’s Jannis Niewöhner that stands out.

As I will say with any foreign-based production, watch it in its native language with English subtitles. The reason I recommend this is because, if you don’t the intended nature/vibe of the German film isn’t as evident. It’s hard to take the film seriously with the English dubbing; therefore, it’s best to stick to subtitles!

Anyone who enjoyed the Polish film The Hater is sure to enjoy Je Suis Karl. The similar dark undertones with a lead character who is sinister in their behavior are sure to prompt comparisons.

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