Forever Rich ending explained – does Richie face the music (or ruin)?

October 2, 2021
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This article discusses the ending of the Netflix film Forever Rich so it will contain spoilers.

Forever Rich Recap

The Netflix film Forever Rich begins with a short flashback to Richie (Jonas Smulders), who, as a young boy, says that he wants to be famous so that he can have a villa and his own McDonalds in his home. It next cuts to the present day, and Richie stops mid-performance. Preparing for a big performance, Richie wants everything to be perfect.

With a committed girlfriend, Richie is living on cloud nine with a loyal fan base. Things get even better when Sony contacts his team; they want to sign a Three Million Dollar deal with him. After celebrating the news, Richie and his friend Tony (Daniël Kolf) get mugged in a garage. The group of muggers, who call themselves 1112 Street Soldiers, record Richie as they hold a machete to his throat, reducing him to tears whilst they steal his beloved gold watch.

In an attempt to put the mugging behind him, Richie holds a dinner party. But his efforts fail when he learns that the video of him getting mugged has gone viral. Outside, the paparazzi chase after him as his career begins to decline.

Angered over the situation, Richie and Tony decide that they will try and track down the watch, but not before a randomer in the street shouts abuse at Richie by calling his music s**t. Later at a nightclub, Richie discovers that the robbers are taunting him over the watch, whilst his “street-cred” undergoes further tarnish over the fact that Richie went to the police after he got attacked. He recognizes a member of 1112 Street Soldiers in the toilets, by his ugly shoes would you believe; but after he attacks the individual, another mugger appears and knocks Richie to the ground.

Richie finds where the 1112 Street Soldiers have been staying. But upon entering the hotel room, he and Tony find it empty. By tracking Richie’s phone, they follow the path of the 1112 Street Soldiers but end up stuck when they suddenly lose signal. They’re out of luck until they spot the muggers in Bir Tat. As a result, Richie contacts Appie for help. At first, Appie confronts them before he punches one, much to Richie’s delight. Richie is actually so happy that he records it.

But then it all goes pear-shaped. The muggers gang up on Appie before one of them stabs him. Instead of going straight to Appie’s aid, Richie jumps in his van and drives after the 1112 Street Soldiers. After he runs one of the muggers, Bilal (Yassin Dardour), over and puts him in the van, Richie eventually returns to Appie’s aid and takes him to the hospital.

With Bilal practically held hostage, Richie goes IG Live just before he learns that the 1112 Street Soldiers have released a sex video of him. Going to his girlfriend Anna (Sinem Kavus), Richie claims that the video is from 5-6 years ago. But as Anna sees a recent tattoo in the video, she knows it was recent, therefore, proving he has cheated on her. After she insults him several times, Richie throttles her before she says, “Leave, or I’ll call the police”.

When Richie and Tony get pulled over by the police, Bilal uses the chance to escape. As the police are now chasing Richie and Tony, Tony tells Richie to leap out of the van so he can flee whilst the police chase after Tony. On foot and no longer chased by the police, Richie learns that 1112 Street Soldiers have released several dick pics of him. He attempts to call Anna, but she won’t speak to him.

Richie tracks 1112 Street Soldiers down and, as requested, offers them 50k for the watch and phone. As 1112 Street Soldiers flaunt their machetes, Richie reveals he has brought a gun. This is when it goes catastrophic, as gunshots go off, and 1112 Street Soldiers try to flee with the stolen objects. Richie chases them and manages to corner the mugger (Sergio Fontana), who has his watch and phone. Finally, in control, Richie films as he has the mugger take off his clothes and crawl like a rat. When the mugger attempts to grab the gun, it accidentally goes off, and the mugger gets shot in the leg.

Forever Rich ending

Because of that happening, Richie flees but not before he posts on IG Live. He shows that he has his watch back and claims that no one can mess with him. When he returns home, Anna is nowhere in sight.

Sometime later: fans swarm around Richie as he trends (positively this time) for his successful comeback. Following all of the commotion, several record labels are in touch with Richie. Sony, as it seems, can “get f****d”, according to Richie. Forever Rich concludes with a downcast Richie as he hits the stage to perform.

You can stream Forever Rich exclusively on Netflix. If you had any thoughts about the Forever Rich ending, let us know in the comments.

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