Justin Bieber: Our World review – a good mixture of concert & background footage

October 8, 2021
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In the same vein as his other concert/documentaries such as Never Say Never and Believe, Justin Bieber: Our World features background footage, interviews, and performances. This is sure to please Beliebers.

Amazon Original Justin Bieber: Our World was released on October 8, 2021.

The premise of Justin Bieber: Our World is that viewers will be entertained by up close and personal footage of Justin Bieber and his wife Hailey, as he prepares for his first concert in 3 years. The said concert is slated to air on New Year’s Eve 2020, with the hope that millions will watch from home.

So does Amazon’s Justin Bieber: Our World deliver what it says? Yes! And more. There’s plenty of personal footage of Justin before and during the concert. There are especially some cute/funny moments between him and Hailey throughout the movie’s 1 hour 30-minute runtime. In regards to the performances, there’s a mixture of his past hits with highlights including “Sorry”, “Hole”, and “Anyone”.

The documentary begins on the 1st December 2020. Starting with some close-up shots of Bieber’s feet before he takes us on the journey he has to endure before performing on the roof of the LA Beverley Hilton Hotel. Blending handheld footage with more professionally shot footage, it only takes 4 minutes before Bieber starts with performances of “All Around Me” and “Sorry”.

As Justin Bieber: Our World progresses, we learn that because of the Covid situation at the time of filming, the concert itself will only have 240 VIP guests whilst millions will be able to live-stream it from their own homes. As a whole, the Amazon Original usually has a few minutes of background footage/interviews before it cuts to one of the many performances that Bieber performed in the concert.

Throughout the Amazon Original, it gets highlighted how important testing was to ensure there were no outbreaks of Covid. Although, as you’ll learn if you watch Justin Bieber: Our World, the battle the members of the team have against Covid restrictions. As a result, the documentary shows us how Bieber and the team worked against such problems.

Obviously, this release will not be of interest to everyone; the target audience will be Beliebers. But for them, they’ll love Justin Bieber: Our World. It has personal stories, energetic performances, and plenty of hits for those watching to sing along to. For those that love Justin Bieber, this is sure to be something that goes on repeat over and over again.

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