A World Without ending explained – what happened inside The Light?

October 14, 2021
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This article discusses the ending of the Netflix film A World Without and will contain spoilers.

Netflix’s A World Without is a dystopian sci-fi drama directed and written by Nia Dinata alongside Lucky Kuswandi. The movie is set in 2030, ten years after the pandemic strikes. It’s a story of three best friends, Salina (Amanda Rowles), Ulfah (Maizura), and Tara (Asmara Abigail), who successfully enter a dystopian organization, The Light, lead by the charismatic leader Ali Khan (Chicco Jericho). The Light offers a futuristic world that empowers the younger generation to be the best version of themselves. After one year of developing their potential, they’ll marry their perfect partner at the age of 17 and live happily ever after.

After successfully thriving on their field: Salina as a filmmaker, Ulfah as an entrepreneur, and Tara as a beauty specialist, the three best friends find themselves illuminating The Light’s dirty little secrets. It turns out, the dystopia is not as perfect as it seems. The more they know, the more rotten it gets. 

Netflix film A World Without ending explained

So to put it simply, The Light is a cult that is built upon the jarring realities of Ali Khan and Sofia, who face miscarriages one after another due to the impact of the environmental issues and pandemic aftermath. The misfortunate event leads to the existence of the Light that offers a utopian dream of an ideal and perfect world without flaws and the tendencies to have everything under control. Although Ali is portrayed as the leader of the cult, the mastermind and the one that holds control is Sofia. They intend to keep the cash flow and the entire business runs smoothly. But due to her inability to carry a baby, Ali and Sofia try to take advantage of Salina to marry him so Ali can have a descendent to continue their utopian dream. 

From the very beginning, we have seen how Salina is already the chosen one that they arrange to marry Ali and becomes their pupils. This is probably due to her background from a dysfunctional family without a father. But what triggers Salina to get out from The Light? It’s not only due to the disturbing fact of how Salina is going to be Ali’s second wife for the sake of a baby but when she finally finds out about the testimonials of The Light’s victim that managed to run away two years ago after facing the same crisis. That’s when she realizes the absurdity and The Light is merely a cult that tries to build its empire. Salina and Tina’s cases represent how a woman is often an object of sexualization and seen as a laboring machine to maintain prosperity rather than an individual who has full control of her body. While Ali and Sofia are also a representation of today’s systems. In which, most of the time, the people and victims are brainwashed to believe that they have no choice and power over themselves by first giving what they want, especially to the vulnerable communities. 

But why did they run away so easily and the security let them? Nanik might be small on-screen time but might contribute to a role behind this. Either she’s extremely slow-minded or she’s doing it on purpose and intentionally to helps the victim. She always appears at the crucial moment but at the same time lets everything slides so easily. The fact that she does not immediately order the security to catch the three besties after they run away is odd. But what happens to Hafiz? Well, he is the one who hacks The Light’s CCTV and system to help the three besties run away. But unfortunately, he stays behind. At least, he gets to see his and Ulfah’s baby. A World Without‘s ending feel hasty and ends with cliche notes. It does seem rushed since the three besties manage to escape without that many obstacles other than Ulfah’s laboring in the middle of their runaway.

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