The Trip (2021) ending explained – what danger is inside the cabin?

October 16, 2021
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This article discusses the ending of the Netflix film The Trip (2021), so it will contain major spoilers.

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The Trip is a Norwegian dark comedy thriller that tells the story of a married couple, Lisa (played by Noomi Rapace) and Lars (played by Aksel Hennie), who seem hell-bent on killing each other. Due to financial hardship, both parties plan on killing the other for life insurance during a trip in a cabin. But when it appears as though they may both kill each other, they learn that three escaped inmates have taken shelter in the cabin.

As a result, the three prisoners, Petter (Atle Antonsen), Dave (Christian Rubeck), and Roy (André Eriksen), take Lisa and Lars hostage. In a scene that possibly goes too far for a comedy, Dave threatens to rape Lars until Lisa states that she will provide the prisoners with money for their release. And after they accept, Petter, Dave, and Roy enjoy the luxury of the cabin whilst Lisa and Lars are left to reflect on their marriage. 

Seemingly making amends, Lisa and Lars make a plan for freedom. Upon claiming to need the toilet, Lars knocks out Roy with a sock of billiard balls, which then sets off a chain of events that sees the three prisoners attempt to find Lisa and Lars. Upon Roy refinding them, Lars shoots Roy in the head. 

Netflix film The Trip (2021) ending explained

There appears to help at hand when Lars’s father, Mikkel, appears at the cabin, and he shoots Dave in the leg. But lurking from behind is Petter, and he stabs Mikkel before he throws him on top of what appears to be a very sharp lawnmower. With chaos breaking out, Lisa heads towards a boat whilst Dave looks for anything to tend to his leg wound. But he’s out of luck when Lars finds him first. Before Lars ponders on where to shoot Dave, Lars steals his sweater and kills him. 

After Mikkel dies in a hammock, Lars chases after Lisa who is now trapped on the boat with Petter. Now instead of Lars vs Lisa, it’s Lars and Lisa vs Petter. They have a battle on their hands. Even the use of a fire extinguisher and a flare gun isn’t enough to kill Petter. However, Lars is eventually able to overpower Petter and pushes him into the boat’s engine, slicing his arms off. 

“Sorry, but you no longer add value.” And with that, Lars and Lisa chuck Petter into the river and watch as he drowns. But when the rope tangles around Lar’s foot, Lisa is left with a choice. Save Lars or leave him to die. Ultimately, she saves him. (Quite the turnaround from how she felt at the beginning of the movie).

As The Trip concludes, Lars and Lisa are alive but broke. That is until the media take an interest in their story of survival. One thing leads to another, and they end up making a screenplay on their experience, making them millionaires. Although to save face, they change a few details, such as removing the moment that Lars licked Petter’s shoe.

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