Reflection of You season 1, episode 4 recap – what is the truth?

By Bashirat Oladele
Published: October 21, 2021 (Last updated: November 24, 2021)
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Netflix K-Drama series Reflection of You season 1, episode 4


We’re in for a ride with episode 4!

This recap of the Netflix K-Drama series Reflection of You season 1, episode 4 contains spoilers.

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Reflection of You season 1, episode 4 recap

We’re in for a ride with episode 4! The fourth episode opens up with a flashback to Haewon and Woojae taking their engagement photos. “Each day in winter felt special and warm. And at the end of it, Woojae disappeared.” It’s clear that Woojae meant a lot to her. We flashback to a younger Haewon frantically looking around, stopping strangers that look like Woojae to see if it’s really him. The saddest thing of all is when her younger self questions, “What about me made him choose to leave? What did I do wrong?” Distraught, she ruins her paintings as she’s upset that he left. We’re back in the present with Haewon, in her thick green coat, and she reflects thinking to herself, “Why did I think I was to blame all those years?”, she says as she walks through the city. 

Heejoo is definitely involved in the destruction of their relationship. We see a quick flashback between Heejoo and Woojae, she’s crying on the bed in one scene and Woojae is holding a baby in another. Put two and two together, the baby is Hosu, who is clearly Woojae’s son. The camera pans the women in another scene as Haewon tells Heejoo about how Woojae misses her. Shocked, Heejoo mentions how she thought they broke up and is curious about why she’s still in contact with him. Well, Woojae ruined her, she tells Hejoo “I think I turned out this way because of him. He totally ruined me.” At this point, I’m thinking does she know about Hosu and the affair between them or is she just playing clueless on purpose? “Had I known the reason he left me, had I known where and what he was doing, I wouldn’t be in this much pain”, she confessed. But, we finally reach a resolution as she mentions that forgiving him seems easier and emphasizes that in all the good moments she had with him, Heejoo was always present. It’s no surprise that she mentioned this, probably for her to feel more guilty.

To make matters more interesting, Lisa found the journal. Remember the journal that Heejoo burned? Lisa went into her mother’s art studio and rescued the journal. On her way to school, she quickly hides in her room and finds a flower from it. Her dad rushes her as he’s driving her to school. Lisa shows him the flower and asks him about it. From here, we come to a flashback with a young Lisa playing in a meadow of flowers with her mother watching until Woojae shows up. Her mother becomes defensive as she approaches him. The flashback ends here. In another scene, Hyungseong meets Haewon in a bar to discuss Woojae’s whereabouts, questioning where she hid him, if she did. Nonchalant as always, she probes him and says, “You decided to sweep everything under the rug and believe you can still keep living as a good husband and father.” It’s this line that makes you ponder, what did he do? Is he the reason for Woojae’s previous unconsciousness or is it deeper than that? All I can say is that Haewon has released drama for their family.

Meeting Juyeong in a cafe, Heejoo gifts her with a brand new phone after Lisa broke hers. We also learn that Juyeong is vulnerable, unaware of her father’s occupation, and has no mother. Heejoo teaches her about the importance of not being open and vulnerable with everyone you meet after Juyeong told her about her family situation. She gives her the broken phone to keep. Outside, there’s an annoyed Lisa who throws her drink at the cafe window where her mother and Juyeong are sitting. 

Lisa doesn’t seem to be jealous but is annoyed that her mother went to see Juyeong after telling her that she was a leech that uses people. In retaliation, she skips her tutoring session as the tutor notifies Heejoo. She doesn’t answer any calls but is found at her dance studio with Haewon. Heejoo spots Haewon through the window, who is directly looking at her, and frantically runs into the studio. Haewon just came to apologize but Heejoo is curious why they had to meet alone because she still doesn’t trust her.

We come to another flashback as Heejoo is in her art studio, looking at Woojae’s passport. In the flashback, she is crushing and grinding some pills to put in a soup whilst Woojae is playing with baby Hosu outside. Once he’s knocked out, she searches the bedroom for some passports and leaves with Hosu, whilst he’s in a deep sleep. In another scene, Hyungseong is searching for his phone but finds Juyeong’s phone as it drops from Heejoo’s bag — as he looks through the bag, he finds the video she recorded and in an attempt to threaten her father, he might just buy up their property.

After meeting with a private investigator, Heejoo visits the location where Haewon and Woojae are presumed to be living. Whilst there, it’s empty but filled with wrapped-up photos of them during the engagement. In a flashback, Haewon is taking her solo photos but Woojae drags Heejoo into a room, pleading about the marriage. It seems like he was truly in love with Heejoo and never wanted to marry Haewon. He tells her he only went through the marriage for her but will say no if she says no too. Engrossed in a hug, it seems like the marriage still moved on. Outside, Haewon looks at her solo picture and tells herself that she’s going to be happy.

In the present, Hyungseong visits Heejoo in her art studio and confronts her about the phone. He asks if she knew about the video but she didn’t take it the wrong way. He suggests that Haewon and Juyeong are working together. Hyungseong informs her that Haewon acted as a counselor to her and noted that “people who aren’t well off tend to get attached to teachers who give them attention.” From this, Heejoo assumes that Juyeong told Haewon about where Lisa’s dance studio was located.

As for the ending, it’s the exhibition. Adoring the artwork upstairs, a curator informs Heejoo about an artist who’s attending an exhibition for the first time. She mentions that the artist has been too sick for a while and is happy to return to the arts. Except, this man is Woojae. The curator introduces them by calling his name and he walks over. Shocked, her eyes reacted first as it was unexpected to see an ex-lover, father of her child, and a man who was unconscious for years in the flesh again. As she looks into his eyes, she sees their memories, he smiles at her and all I can say is this pair definitely ruined Haewon.

Leaving us on an alluring cliffhanger, the episode was well crafted keeping up on our toes for the next revelation.

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