Reflection of You season 1, episode 5 recap – three steps ahead

October 27, 2021
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Heejoo isn’t fooling anybody anymore.

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Heejoo isn’t fooling anybody anymore.

This recap of the Netflix K-Drama series Reflection of You season 1, episode 5 contains spoilers.

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The preview for this episode had me fooled, Woojae didn’t tell Haewon that he has no attachments to her but instead, it was a flashback in Ireland with Heejoo about their affair. This really surprised me and of course, he comes back after being unconscious for years and the classic happens, he has retrograde amnesia and remembers almost nothing.

Reflection of You season 1, episode 5 recap

Episode 5 opens up where the fourth episode ended — the exhibition. Heejoo’s shocked, it’s been years since she’s seen Woojae. As he’s guided away by the exhibition director, Haewon appears asking “did he recognize you? I thought he might get his memory back once he saw you but I guess I was wrong.” Whenever Haewon shows up out of nowhere, it really brings you in because she’s always three steps ahead and I like it, she keeps Heejoo on her toes so her innocent act falls through. “Since he doesn’t recognize you I want you to play along”, Haewon mentions, we learn that he’s been unconscious for several years since his accident. She also brings up that he’s been stuck in Ireland and has been unidentified because he had no passport, emphasizing how difficult it was to bring him back to Korea. She’s still confused about why he was in Ireland though and questions Heejoo, “didn’t you stay in Ireland as well?” Haewon knows why but deliberately asks the question.

As she questions Heejoo, we are brought to a flashback. Woojae is cutting bread and Heejoo is cooking. Her phone rings and she picks it up, speaking to Hyeongseong as he asks about Baby Hosu. She goes into their bedroom and talks to him for a while. As she hangs up the phone, Woojae says “I came without any attachments but why haven’t you put anything aside?” If only he knew. “I’ll end it soon”, she tells him but if he only knew, he was referring to their affair and not the marriage. In episode 4, she put sleeping pills in his food and we’re at the scene. She steals his passport as he’s asleep, takes Hosu, and leaves. With her son in the car, she cries to herself and in the present, she tells herself, “All these years you didn’t look for me. No, us. And I often wondered why you didn’t…..” Finally, she learned that he was unconscious for years, so I question was it the sleeping pills that made him unconscious or did Hyungseong have something to do with this?

At the exhibition, we see how Haewon truly loved Woojae and loves her craft. The director asks her how she kept his artwork all these years and she says, “Be it artwork or human, everything crumbles little by little if they’re not cared for.” Meanwhile, Woojae leaves the exhibition to get some fresh air and Heejoo follows him and questions him. She thinks he’s joking but learns that he’s actually confused and is unaware of his memories as he falls into her arms. As always, Haewon turns up to his rescue and emphasizes how he remembers nothing. 

After finding out that Woojae is staying at the hospital, Heejoo tries to get in but is unsuccessful. Haewon, being three steps ahead, sees her and it’s just funny how Heejoo keeps leaving trails behind her. She makes it easy for Haewon to keep up with her. It makes me wonder if Haewon knows about the affair but she probably does. In a flashback, Haewon gets a call from an unknown number and learns that it’s Woojae saying “I’m sorry” on the phone. She’s shocked and rightfully disappointed as he says “I’m late, aren’t I?” Well of course. Haewon questions him, “Sorry for what, for disappearing on me or for not calling me over the past 4 years when you were alive and well?” 

Despite being alive for 4 years, it leaves a mystery. Was this after being unconscious or was this whilst he was with Heejoo in Ireland? Regardless, we know she truly loved him as she asks, “If I wait for you, will you come?” She drops down to her knees in shock, perplexed but seemingly happy that he’s back. In the present, we learn that he didn’t come after the call. “But you didn’t come after that call, I had to find you.”

In another scene, it’s Lisa v Heejoo as usual. She asks about Woojae as an artist as she and Juyeong received tickets for his exhibition from Haewon. Heejoo instantly becomes defensive and objects but Lisa, being headstrong, doesn’t care. Again, Haewon is three steps ahead because what if Lisa recognizes Woojae at the exhibition? 

We also learn that Hosu falls sick and has to go to the hospital — the same hospital that Woojae is being treated at. The pieces are starting to add up and if Haewon is smart (she is), she’ll take advantage. After arriving at the hospital, she learns that he’s been discharged. In another scene, Haewon asks Minseo, Woojae’s doctor and Heejoo’s sister-in-law, about his memories and whether he’ll believe anything if it’s not true. At this point, we know that she’s out for revenge but hopefully, she doesn’t manipulate his memories, though he isn’t innocent either! We also learn that Seongwoo, Heejoo’s brother, is Woojae’s physiotherapist and it’s so funny to see how the drama just keeps on coming.

At the hospital, Heejoo brings Hosu in, and at the lift, she presses the button and beside her, Woojae does too. She instantly moves away when she realizes he’s near them. She couldn’t make it any less obvious! At this moment, I question will his memory improve if he sees Hosu? Probably not. The episode also highlights how rich folk get away with things because Heejoo requests Woojae’s medical records and instantly receives them from the man at reception.

Woojae loses Haewon after his appointment, who acts as his guardian and ends up getting a ride home from Heejoo. She tells him about how they taught her how to draw. Woojae mentions how Haewon reassures him that he’s a good person but he doesn’t believe it and mentions “I know best that I am not a good person.” So, does he remember some bits of the past? As Heejoo drops him off, Haewon arrives and he tells her about being dropped off by her. She warns him about her and he tells her about Hosu — “I heard her son calling my doctor Auntie. He’s cute, it was cute how he was staring at me.” If only he knew!

And of course, Haewon is three steps ahead. The same evening, she turns up to Heejoo’s door and gives her a gift. The gift ended up being a t-shirt for Hosu and she left a note, emphasizing how cute Woojae found Hosu. If it wasn’t obvious, Haewon is in this for the long run. After all, in episode 1 she did say “I found you” once she found Heejoo.

The ending

In the end, we’re at Heejoo’s exhibition and she’s happy that she’s getting attention for her work. Except, Haewon and Woojae show up as well as Hyungseong. The four stare at each other, everyone’s shocked except Haewon who seems pleased. “It’s been a while, how have you been?” Woojae says to Hyungseong and we flashback to an unconscious Woojae in an Irish hospital. Maybe he does remember some things?

Episode 5 had me at the edge of my bed. All I have to say is that Heejoo deserves everything coming to her! Woojae has forgotten everything, Heejoo acts so innocent but it’s Haewon who suffered the most. Haewon deliberately acts oblivious at times but she’s in the right. It seems like she’ll be fine with her plan, whatever it is and I’m rooting behind her. Shin Hyunbeen forces you to pay attention, the way she acts with such emotion keeps the audience steady and pacing waiting for what’s next to come.

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