Reflection of You season 1, episode 11 recap – the drama we’ve been waiting for

November 17, 2021
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It ends in heartbreak and shock.

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It ends in heartbreak and shock.

This recap of the Netflix K-Drama series Reflection of You season 1, episode 11, contains spoilers.

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Picking up from episode 10, we learned that Hosu was kidnapped but it wasn’t being Haewon. Juyeong’s father was so desperate for Hyungseong to feel his pain that he kidnapped him. Although Haewon didn’t physically kidnap him, she was satisfied and had some involvement. To the extent, she even manipulated Juyeong’s father. The thing about Haewon is that she manipulates people, gets them to do the dirty work for her while she’s in the clear. Let’s hope it doesn’t bite her in the long run.

Reflection of You season 1, episode 11 recap

A frustrated Heejoo barges into the gallery demanding she sees Haewon. Upon seeing her, she chokeslams her into the wall, and threatens her life, promising she will kill her. This doesn’t phase Haewon, instead, she cooperates and follows her to the police station. However, the detective notes that there’s no evidence at all and they can’t keep Haewon there. And of course, Heejoo is losing it. On the other hand, the curator calls Woojar about the altercation the women had at the gallery, unintentionally stirring more drama.

Juyeong’s dad is freaking out and spiraling, knowing he might go to prison. There’s a flashback to his house being ransacked by Hyungseong’s men and I think this is what set him off. Having a rich and powerful man try to take your life away from you. Except we learn the only difference between the men in the class. Her father blackmails Hyungseong and questions “how are you different than me. You’re just like me.’ At that point, Hyungseong became frustrated and punched him in the face. The well-crafted scene explores the deep nature of classism as he questions “are there different sets of laws for different sets of people?”. Bingo. The altercations between them and Heejoo and Haewon expose how class, status, and wealth can affect one’s life.

We find out that Hosu had been at Haewon’s house the whole time. He hugs her for ‘saving’ him from the bad man and she has a long gaze on her face; she seems emotional and reminiscent. Maybe she did actually have a miscarriage? Woojae comes in at the right time and takes him home. As always, he’s confused by Haewon’s actions but doesn’t want to cause a scene in front of Hosu.

As he waits at the gate with Hosu in his arms, Heejoo and Hyungseong are arriving after searching for him. They run and grab him from his hands in shock and relief. Meanwhile, Haewon appears out of the blue and says, “I know what it feels like to lose someone.” Of course, Woojae ends up apologizing which annoys Haewon as she questions, “why are you always apologizing? They should be apologizing to us.” She goes on to mention that Hosu will have many birthdays and many kids die without having one.” At that point, I can’t help but think she had a miscarriage. Episodes 10 and 11 have been littered with references to children and coupled with Shin Hyunbeen’s emotional facial expressions, it’s so obvious.

As Lisa clears out the birthday gifts, she comes across an envelope and gives it to her mom. She doesn’t open it and meets Haewon in a cafe. “You’ll be in trouble if someone else sees it.” She draws the picture on a napkin, which turns out to be an image of Woojae, Heejoo, and a baby Hosu in the hospital. Heejoo delusionally mentions that Hosu is Hyungseong’s son but everyone knows the truth — it’s only her that continues to believe her delusions. Unfortunately for her, Haewon isn’t listening to that and puts it simply: “I only need to watch your life getting ruined.” In return, Heejoo insults her about being a weak, pathetic monster but she always victimizes herself anyway.

The ending

Towards the end of Reflection of You season 1, episode 11, Hosu is taken to the hospital for therapy after the kidnapping. As Hosu comes out of the elevator with Hyungseong and Seonwoo, Heejoo drags Woojae into the stairwell — not knowing her husband and brother saw them. In the stairwell, she confronts Woojae with questions but he seems genuinely confused and mentions how he’s annoyed that they keep him in the middle yet say nothing. Yet he also brings up his minor run-in with Hyungseong and says “I’m sure your husband knows I loved you and about our affair”, this was the mess we were waiting for all season. Heejoo can no longer hide.

Hyungseong seems to be breaking too. He had a dream about Heejoo and Woojae but immediately wakes up to find her. He drives to the art studio, expecting to see Woojae only to see Haewon. It’s funny to see how tables turn because Haewon mentions they can relate to each other as their partners cheated with each other. She shares Woojae’s location with him and he drives off. He’s tempted to go in but refrains from doing so.

Instead, Hyungseong drives home. He doesn’t leave the car but takes out the picture — the picture of Woojae, Heejoo, and Hosu — confirming he knows, he knows that there was an affair and Hosu isn’t his son. Heejoo can no longer victimize herself as the truth comes to light. I don’t think Hyungseong is innocent either but he breaks down in the car.

Hyungseong confronts Heejoo in the art studio, adamantly questioning her whereabouts. We can tell he’s serious because he’s never raised his voice at her, talk less of grabbing her hand. He throws the picture to her and says “I’d rather you lie to me.” And scene. The episode was underwhelming in the beginning but the end brought the drama we needed. Hopefully, Heejoo gets a taste of her own medicine, she can’t lie and manipulate people anymore.

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