Reflection of You season 1, episode 10 recap – it’s game time

November 12, 2021
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Losing the most precious thing.

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Losing the most precious thing.

This recap of the Netflix K-Drama series Reflection of You season 1, episode 10, contains spoilers.

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I expected so much more during the episode but I feel like it might be the filler, leading onto more monumental pieces throughout the series. And that’s exactly what it shaped out to be.

Reflection of You season 1, episode 10 recap

We open up with Haewon crying at the hospital after finding out her grandfather — who raised her — passed away due to Woojae’s incompetence. She asked him to pick him up from the bus terminal but he was busy ogling at Heejo and not only this, the connection on the phone was poor but he should have texted her. At the hospital, she asks, “Were you with Heejoo?” but he doesn’t say, his eyes do the speaking. Annoyed, she calls him a crazy b*****d — rightfully so — and gets slapped. It’s way overdue because her grandfather meant everything to her and seemed like the last straw for her. I don’t blame her either.

Heejoo has the audacity to show up to the funeral after the pain she’s caused Haewon. But Haewon held her ground, Heejoo’s been apologizing for everything but it’s too late. “You no longer have the right to be sorry. I despise you. And you’ll see me time after time. Wherever you are, I will follow you tirelessly. It’ll be a living hell so I hope you live a long life and die alone.” And she’s right, the apology window has passed — Haewon’s more than entitled to her feelings. 

Meanwhile, Woojae is in a brunt, he’s apologizing to Haewon at their home but she isn’t budging! Lovely stuff, she tells him not to give her a ‘tormented look’, because he could easily manipulate her with his looks. In another scene, she breaks down at her grandfather’s house, crying about the memories they once had, and from there, it’s game time. In memory, she tells her grandfather all the good within her is because of him and now that he’s dead, this isn’t the case anymore. At that point, everything shattered, her pain worsened and it’s not surprising — Heejoo doesn’t understand the severity of the pain she caused her but turns back to her perfect life — but Haewon’s finished with the niceties. I mean, she wasn’t even that nice but that’s fine. Her anger is illustrated further by the burning of the green coat Heejoo gifted her in the past. The well-crafted scene highlighted the old and new Haewon — she still had the resentment but the death of her grandfather intensified her anger and there’s no going back.

Haewon also emphasizes that she wants Heejoo to feel the pain of having the most precious person stolen from her, Heejoo thinks she’s referring to Hyungseong but if only she knew. “He’s not precious to you. You just need him.” And she was right. We learn later down the line she was referring to Hosu, her son. Furthermore, it can be inferred that she’s basing this off the kid she never had as fans on Twitter are spectating whether she’s had an abortion or miscarriage, following the affair that led her to suicide.

Woojae really displayed his horrible character throughout the episode. He’s cowardly and embarrassing. “Do you know what we lost back then? We lost something precious that we’ll never get back!” And it all makes sense, the signs were there. It’s clear she’s alluding to a child, I would imagine. With that, she throws his sculpture on the ground and it shatters into pieces.

There are constant flashbacks to Haewon drowning and I fear it might be foreshadowing how things might end for her. We know she’s a product of teenage pregnancy and her mother emphasizes that she wants her to have a great life, outlive her and children (like her mother outlived her grandad) as she does a skincare routine on a blank Haewon. As she wakes up, she looks at her mother and apologizes that she can’t do both, whilst her mother is sleeping. I think it indicates that she might commit suicide.

The ending

In the end, Heejoo is losing her mind — deserved. It’s Hosu’s birthday and he doesn’t turn up. It’s obvious that Haewon is involved somehow. Heejoo is crying, screaming and I have to commend Go Hyunjung on her acting, despite hating her character. She’s flawed, an irritating woman that acts holier than thou and got what’s coming to her. Sure, the children are off-limits but that doesn’t stop Haewon; she’s committed to tormenting Heejoo and I can’t help but stand beside her. She’s wrong but I get it. I just hope Hosu is safe and that the children, as well as Haewon, get the healing they deserve.

An underwhelming episode but it keeps us engaged, anticipating what’s on the agenda for the final 6 episodes. At the rate it’s going, it’s filled with plots, turns, and mysteries and we might not truly know what happens until the final episode.

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2 thoughts on “Reflection of You season 1, episode 10 recap – it’s game time

  • November 13, 2021 at 3:08 pm

    I really do not agree with the comments you make about Hee-Ju. You are being unkind in the worst way..No one is perfect and having come from poverty, it is understandable why she is torn between two worlds. She happened to fall for Woo-Jae and she complicated her life, but is it fair to judge as being a horrible person. Just because Hae-Won is hurt and is suffering , she is not right in what she is doing. She is so selfish and really doesn’t care about anybody else.Her so-called love for Woo-Jae is still selfish and she makes his life miserable.Also, Woo-Jae could not get her message to pick up the grandfather at the terminal-is that his fault?Hae-Won blames everyone for what happened to her, but ultimately she made the choices.
    Your point of view is too harsh and too kind for Hae-Won. Everyone has difficult things happen in their lives–why does she deserve so much sympathy?
    Enough of my comments, but let’s be reasonable. I am really enjoying this series – the characters provoke thought about peoples’ lives.
    PS: IF Hae-Won is behind the disappearance of Ho-Su she needs psychiatric help- she needed it from the beginning.

    • November 13, 2021 at 3:10 pm

      Just an opinion, I don’t need you to agree. I think HJ is a horrible character who tries to victimise herself. HW is suffering and is traumatised – that’s it.

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