Locke & Key season 2, episode 3 recap – “Small World”

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: October 22, 2021 (Last updated: February 5, 2024)
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Netflix Locke & Key season 2, episode 3 - Small World


Much like the previous episodes, Locke & Key will be very satisfying to its core audience. With only a glimpse of danger ahead, there are only a few moments of genuine concern for the Locke family.

This recap of Netflix’s Locke & Key season 2, episode 3, “Small World,” contains spoilers.

Locke & Key season 2, episode 3 recap

Episode 3 of Locke & Key Season 2 begins 23 Years Ago in the Keyhouse. A housekeeper finds Erin but is unable to get her to move. In the present day, Erin returns to the Keyhouse. Nina explains that instead of having the hospital move Nina into a motel, she will temporarily allow Nina to stay.

During her stay, she recognizes Duncan. Upon finding that Tyler, Kinsey, and Bode have the magic keys, she claims she must have them all. But they’re reluctant to hand them back; “We’re Lockes, the keys belong to us”. Erin says to Tyler that the reason that she, an adult, remembers the magic is that in the past she was part of a group that made a key. But she is firm as she says they never should have done that and begs Tyler to forget about the keys.

After Nina asks Jamie’s father, Josh, out, she finds that he has a miniature dollhouse of the Keyhouse. After Bode plays with the model and breaks his bed, he returns home to find that his actual bed is broken. And so he calls Jamie, who puts a gummy bear in the dollhouse. With a giant gummy bear appearing in the Keyhouse, Bode realizes that the miniature dollhouse is linked to the magic of the real Keyhouse.

Scot struggles with writing his script, and when Kinsey helps him, Gabe becomes jealous. Gabe then sends Eden to “fix things”. Using magic from the music box, Eden controls Scot and has him punch Gabe, although Kinsey isn’t fully convinced, so she has Duncan check if the music box is in her bedroom. He narrowly misses Eden putting it back, but takes a key away, which means Eden has to climb out of the Keyhouse. Following their date at the local bowling alley, Nina and Josh end the night with a kiss.

Back in the Keyhouse, Bode is unable to open his bedroom, so he puts the Hercules Belt on. He discovers that a giant spider is roaming around the house, and eventually he is fighting off the spider with help from Tyler, Erin, and Duncan. When Bode realizes what the problem is, he calls Jamie and has her kill a spider that is in the miniature dollhouse. As expected, Duncan loses all memory of the magic within a few seconds. Erin comforts him, but he turns nasty: “Stop pretending that you know me”. A little harsh.

The ending

Eden and Gabe make a key, and following advice from Chamberlin Locke, they pour fresh blood into the potion. But instead, an explosion erupts and Gabe realizes that he was tricked by Chamberlin Locke. “Small World” concludes with Erin explaining that she wants to help give Duncan his memories of the magic back. As a result, Tyler and Kinsey place a key into the back of Duncan’s neck.

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