The Morning Show season 2, episode 6 recap – “A Private Person”

October 22, 2021
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This is the best episode to date as Bradley deals with a strong personal issue instigated by a man she trusts — Cory.

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This is the best episode to date as Bradley deals with a strong personal issue instigated by a man she trusts — Cory.

This recap of Apple TV+s The Morning Show season 2, episode 6, “A Private Person,” contains spoilers.

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One of the main things I enjoy about The Morning Show is the characters’ internal conflict between personal and professional. Episode 6 is a chapter where Bradley is at the center of her turmoil, manufactured by the seedy, treacherous world of the media industry. This is perhaps the best chapter of season 2 so far, and it does not feature Jennifer Aniston’s Alex Levy. But we will not read into that.

The Morning Show season 2, episode 6 recap

Episode 6 opens with a betrayal, and one we do not want to see. Cory is leaking a story regarding Bradley and Laura’s secret relationship. The journalist wants photographic evidence, and Cory promises to provide some. Cory is a hurt individual as he has romantic feelings for Bradley, and he’s using his privileged power to bring down a woman — he’s “outing” her against her choice of privacy, splashing a gay relationship in the media. Every character in this series is flawed, but this is Cory’s most questionable act yet.

In the news, Maggie’s new book is discussed, while the production crew of TMS does not know when Alex will be back. Stella and Mia press Chip on her return — he states she’s in a lot of pain with her back. Cory wants someone big to fill in for Alex in the meantime, and Chip recommends Laura Peterson; Cory agrees, but this is, unfortunately, a manipulative, shady move by Cory as he knows she will be paired up with Bradley when the news of their relationship breaks out.

When Bradley returns to her apartment, her brother Hal is there, and he declares that he’s missed her. Later in the night, Bradley looks through his bags to see if there are any drugs as he’s a recovering addict. Hal claims she has nothing to worry about.

A revelation hits Chip early in the chapter as Laura tells him that Alex visited Maggie about the book before she went off sick. So, Chip is immediately worried about her. He leaves her a voicemail on her phone, but she’s not in her apartment. Anyway, Laura joins The Morning Show, and Bradley takes the lead. Stella and Cory watch the opening, and Stella can tell something is off with Cory. Laura is brilliant on the show, so the production crew will think Alex will hate it.

Meanwhile, Yanko has been suspended for attacking the man who racially abused him and Stella. Cybil tells Stella to “make the right decision,” essentially hinting to keep him suspended. Stella also learns that the board told Cory to fire Bradley. Cybil wants Stella to take some responsibility and be on the right side. So, Stella thanks Yanko for defending her, and Yanko insists he had to. In an awkward moment, Stella tells him that he’s still suspended. Yanko feels he cannot win, and it’s difficult to disagree with him.

During a break on The Morning Show, an article revealing Laura and Bradley’s relationship circulates on social media. Bradley’s world crashes around her, and she struggles to remain composed as she presents the show. She manages to stay on track, but there are murmurs around her as the production crew learns of the article.

Back on another break, Bradley takes refuge in a dressing room, and Daniel covers the next segment. Laura checks up on Bradley, who is having an anxiety attack. Bradley clarifies that she does not want her “private life to be public” and mainly worries about her strongly conservative family. She also confesses that her relationships never last long, but Laura insists everything will be okay and that she needs to return to the live show, as hiding will be way worse.

While the break continues, Mia sees an article that impacts her too — the report states that in Maggie’s book, it claims that Mitch targeted black women. Mia is shaky, and she takes it out on Chip after overhearing that he has no idea where Alex is. She’s furious at him and apportions plenty of blame on him for what’s happened at the studio. Chip tries to calm her down as he sees she’s hurting and apologizes “for everything that happened.” Mia tells him to get Alex back.

Chip enters Alex’s apartment, but she’s not there. She doesn’t want Chip to know where she is. Alex’s assistant made sure Chip didn’t know as well. The assistant calls Chip an average white man that isn’t exceptional. Ouch.

After all the drama, Bradley tells Laura that she does not want to go to her apartment. Laura explains that she’s had many experiences where morning television is traumatic, but she got therapy and made her peace. Bradley does not respond well, stating that Laura is comfortable being out as gay but that her family is not the same. Laura does her best to remain calm and tells her that she’s not a child, and adults change their circumstances.

The ending

As episode 6 ends, a few things happen that primarily involve Bradley.

Bradley returns home, and her brother tells her that their mother is freaking out over the article about her relationship with Laura; he explains their mother lives in a small town, so she’s embarrassed. He wants to know why she took so long to “come out of the closet.” The siblings argue intensely, revealing again how dysfunctional this family is. The brother reveals he came to her as he’s been using drugs again, and he cannot handle living at home with their mother as she’s got worse. Bradley is blunt, stating that she cannot deal with it. She tells him to go to rehab, but Hal doesn’t want her to pay for it.

Trying to defuse the situation, Bradley tells Hal that she’s had an awful day, which irritates him, and he responds by saying it’s always about her. Cory arrives and knocks on the front door. Bradley meets him outside. Cory reassures Bradley about the leaked article and tells her that she can sue the network if she wants. Bradley begins to wonder why she cares what her family thinks, and sees herself in them, which worries her. Cory tells Bradley that she is her own brilliant individual. This forces Bradley to think clearly for the first time, and she admits that she wants Laura.

Cory looks heartbroken but confused, knowing he instigated all of this. This is not the way he expected his leak to the press to go. Is he feeling guilt for what he did? Or is he dismayed that Bradley did not run into his arms? He’s a complicated character, and it makes the audience wonder what he will do next. Also, what will Bradley do when she finds out it was he who leaked the story?

Additional points

  • Daniel interviews a celebrity named Peter Bullard on the show, and he presses him on a topic without any heads up. It causes a drama that Cory has to deal with. Peter was promoting the streaming service.
  • Bradley is given the Democratic party Phoenix debate after her recent success in the last debate.

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