The Morning Show Season 3 Episode 6 Recap

By Adam Lock
Published: October 11, 2023 (Last updated: last month)
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The Morning Show Season 3 Episode 6 Recap


There is more trashy goodness in “The Stanford Student” as Paul and Alex’s relationship spices up and the series doles out one of its biggest plot twists yet. This is highly entertaining television that is hard to ignore.

Apple TV+ series The Morning Show returns to the present day and the imminent sale of UBA to billionaire Paul Marks in Season 3 Episode 6, “The Stanford Student.” Before the deal goes through though, Alex wants to interview Paul, to get a better understanding of her potential new boss. The interview of course reveals one major plot twist from Paul’s past.

This and every other plot turn of the latest episode is featured in our recap below, but that also means major spoilers, so proceed at your own peril.

The Morning Show Season 3 Episode 6 Recap

“The Stanford Student” begins with Paul addressing his purchase of UBA with the network’s staff. He states that he’s there to address any concerns and answer any questions. Bradley asks about the hack and Mia brings up layoffs. Paul answers the questions thoughtfully, promising to keep their data safe and to expand the team if possible.

Why does Alex want to interview Paul?

Alex asks about the conflict of interest with his Hyperion business. Cory tries to shut down Alex’s probing, but Paul is happy to discuss this issue at a later date. Afterward, Cory argues with Alex over the questioning. He’s worked too hard for her to sabotage the deal at the last minute. She wants to interview Paul though, to do her own vetting.

Meanwhile, Bradley is visited by her brother Hal, his wife Cheryl (Samantha Sloyan), and their daughter Taylor. The visit may seem innocent, but Hal has some big news. He has decided to turn himself into the FBI. Bradley is flabbergasted by this decision, which could ruin his family’s lives and Bradley’s career. Hal refuses to change his mind though.

Does Paul accept Alex’s offer?

Paul gets familiar with the UBA offices. He asks Stella what changes she wants to see at the company. Stella is suspicious of Paul’s motives though. Paul then visits Alex about her sidebar. Alex asks to interview Paul and he surprisingly accepts her offer. He thinks it’s a great idea. Alex is shocked and flustered by Paul’s confidence.

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Alex asks Chip and Isabella to do some digging, she wants them to find some dirt on Paul. They only have two days to prep for this colossal interview though. Chip heads straight to Stella, asking her if she has any dirt on Paul. Stella lies, saying she barely knew him, but she is clearly shaken by the questioning. What is she hiding?

Bradley doesn’t take Hal’s threat lightly. She fights back, inviting him to the studio. Bradley then interviews a man who is in jail, awaiting a trial for assaulting a police officer at the Capitol attack. The prisoner regrets his actions. Bradley is evidently making a point here.

This news segment grabs Cory’s attention as well. Bradley promises that she is handling the matter, although back at Bradley’s apartment, Hal still refuses to change his mind. Bradley reiterates that he is going to ruin everyone’s lives with this needless confession. Hal questions why Bradley didn’t just delete all of the footage from the Capitol. He realizes that she will fight to succeed no matter what.

Paul’s interview follows. Alex questions the billionaire about his motives and his hatred of the media. Paul admits that he hates interviews, but he thinks this deal is important. He wants to stamp out fake news and fix the industry on the whole.

Alex attempts to catch Paul out, but he flips it onto her. He brings up her own mistakes, ditching him at the rocket launch and stalking him outside of his hotel. Alex is flustered and Paul proposes that they take a break. In this break, Chip asks Alex to bring up the dirt they have on Paul.

What is Paul’s potential scandal?

When they return, Alex goes for the jugular. She talks about a Stanford student, who claims that Paul stole their coding and their idea. This idea would then go on to make Paul a rich man. Paul denies stealing anything, stating that he bought the idea fairly. This is Chip and Alex’s dirt on Paul, their chance to uncover a potential scandal.

Alex seems to think that the student was forced. They have since stated that they regret the deal, which then led to depression and a suicide attempt. Paul is shocked to hear this. He talks about his blinkered approach to work, and how it led to the breakdown of his own marriage. Paul admits that he has since changed his policies, personal behaviors, and beliefs.

This human, honest response saves Paul. Afterwards, Alex and Paul discuss the interview further. Paul is impressed with Alex’s approach. They flirt with one another and then kiss. It seems the interview was just foreplay for the main event. Alex and Paul then sleep together.

Sensing some unease, Laura tries to make amends with Hal. She talks about her relationship with Bradley, and that she just wants a second chance to make her happy again. This conversation seems to do the trick and Hal changes his mind; he won’t be turning himself in after all. Later, Bradley apologizes to Laura, and the two kiss in public.

The Morning Show Season 3 Episode 6 Ending Explained

Who is the Stanford student?

The episode concludes with Stella and Paul discussing the interview together before it airs. Paul then reveals that Stella was the Stanford student all along, the person who came up with Paul’s moneymaking idea. He asks her why she didn’t tell him how she felt.

Stella announces that she will be quitting her position, as she doesn’t want to sour the merger. Paul states that UBA needs her though. He’s going to get rid of Cory and he wants Stella to take over Cory’s job, to run the place. Stella is shocked, yet excited by this proposition.

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