Stranger Things season 4 – who are Dmitri and Yuri?

By Marc Miller
Published: May 27, 2022 (Last updated: February 17, 2024)
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Stranger Things season 4 – who are Dmitri and Yuri - Netflix series

This article, “who are Dmitri and Yuri,” contains spoilers regarding Netflix’s Stranger Things season 4.

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Stranger Things season 4 – who are Dmitri and Yuri?

The Russian characters, Dmitri and Yuri, are vital in Stranger Things’ fourth season. They are supporting characters but are involved in the plan to rescue a fan favorite of the show we once thought was dead. Who? Yes, Hopper, who we last saw vaporized when Joyce was forced to blow up the Russian weapon trying to reopen the gate, is alive and not so well.

What do Dmitri and Yuri do in season 4?

Hopper develops a relationship with Dmitri. He is a Russian prison guard at the secret military detainment facility in Russia. Hopper has Dmitri write a ransom note and leaves a phone number for Joyce, letting her know that Hopper is alive and being held in Russia. When Joyce calls, he requests $40,000 in two days, and the money has to be delivered to Alaska. Joyce calls Murray, and they both fly Alaska Airways with the money in their suitcase. That is where Yuri comes in. He is the smuggler that Dmitri uses to fly the money over and take Hopper back. Hopper escapes and makes it to the smuggler’s warehouse.

When they arrive, Yuri takes his sweet time counting the money. To his dismay, he feeds Joyce and Murray coffee and calls Dmitri at the prison. It doesn’t matter because Yuri spikes the American’s coffee and tells his partner he sold him out to the warden for money and the location of Hopper. Yuri also told the KGB that they were offering him money to bring over the American woman who blew up their lab under the mall.

Hopper and Dmitri are now cellmates but quickly bond because they are fed to a Demodog the Russians keep in prison they are trying to weaponize. Joyce and Murray take over the plane Yuri is flying them over in. They make Yuri dress like Murray, and our beloved conspiracy weirdo plays Yuri, and he pretends to deliver Joyce and himself to the warden (does that track?). When they arrive, they witness the Demodog slaughter as six Russian prisoners are eaten, but they manage to allow Hopper and Dmitri access out of the prison yard and service.

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