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By Adam Lock
Published: September 13, 2023
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Apple TV+ series The Morning Show Season 3 Review


The third season of The Morning Show is playful and topical, tackling important, timely issues with style and heart. The series may lean into the extreme a little too often, but this is highly entertaining, bingeworthy TV that everyone will be talking about.

Here is our review of the Apple TV+ series The Morning Show Season 3, which does not contain significant spoilers.

Comfort TV is on the rise once again as we say goodbye to the summer months and welcome the cozy, colder seasons. Netflix released the best season of Virgin River yet, and Apple TV+ is counteracting with its very own trashy, addictive daytime drama series. Apple’s immensely popular flagship series, The Morning Show, is back, and it is wilder than ever.

The Morning Show Season 3 Review and Plot Summary

The third season picks up in early 2022, in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic. The network UBA is in absolute turmoil, hemorrhaging money while finding itself embroiled in constant scandal. A poorly timed cyber-attack looks set to bring the company to its knees as the hackers leak controversial information.

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This cyber-attack panics the employees of UBA, who all seem to have their own dark secrets to hide. Evening news presenter Bradley Jackson (Reese Witherspoon) anxiously waits for her own secret love affair to be uncovered. While the other hosts fear that their careers could soon be over.

We also find host Alex Levy (Jennifer Aniston) at a crossroads in her life. When she becomes a pawn in Cory’s (Bill Crudup) merger plans, Alex fights back. She demands to be more involved in the network, asking for a seat on the board. But this is the last thing Cory needs amidst financial ruin.

Alex shouldn’t be underestimated, though; she holds a lot of weight and is determined to get what she is owed after twenty years at the company. She befriends billionaire Paul Marks (Jon Hamm), whom Cory is negotiating a deal with. Can Alex save UBA and get Paul to buy out the network?

As always, there is plenty of drama within this glossy, soapy series. Season three addresses many topical issues of our times. The show explores racial tensions, tech billionaires, the war in Ukraine, and the aforementioned cyber-attacks.

Is The Morning Show Season 3 good or bad?

The third season of The Morning Show is highly entertaining and terribly addictive. The series may stretch the format to its limits with some truly bonkers storylines, but it is great to see the showrunners embracing this more fun and frivolous angle.

Meanwhile, Jon Hamm makes for a great addition to the team. The Mad Men star brings his usual dynamism to the series, feeling right at home within this insanely star-studded line-up. Aniston and Witherspoon work well together, while the secondary characters are each given their own subplots and emotional story arcs.

There is a lot going on here, but the show manages to handle this onslaught of drama.

Is The Morning Show Season 3 worth watching?

The Morning Show can be shamelessly larger-than-life at times, and it may reference the pandemic a little too often, but it addresses some important issues along the way and is endlessly entertaining. The show wrings all of the drama possible from these headline news stories and the scandals that follow, which in the end makes for fascinating, guilty-pleasure television.

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