Narcos: Mexico season 3, episode 8 recap – “Last Dance”

November 5, 2021
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“Last Dance” has our team of good guys questioning was it all worth it. Hint, it wasn’t.

This recap of Netflix’s Narcos: Mexico season 3, episode 8, “Last Dance,” contains spoilers.

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Narcos: Mexico season 3, episode 8 recap


Oh, Walt. In the name of the overall good, he compromised his ethics by letting General Rebollo keep Alex building “C” of their makeshift Army camp. He is now sitting naked in a chair and sees he does not know any other addresses. That gets him a metal bucket over his head, and the interrogator takes one big swing at it with a baseball bat like he’s Vinny Castilla. Walt, though, says “hold my beer” and gets Alex to confess where his brother is hiding so they can get to Alfredo before the AFO does.

It’s all for nothing, however. This is because the acting head of the AFO, Enedina, finds her warehouse empty. Most disturbing is not the missing product, but the lack of dead bodies — they are giving it up and not even putting up a fight. Barron, who is ever so helpful, lets her know he found where the leak is hiding out. He is referring to Alfredo, and Barron kills him (and his girlfriend). As a message, he leaves them sitting at the kitchen table with bullet holes in their heads.

General Rebollo has now lost his leverage. Hold on, though Walt says for a “hold my beer” number two — Alex doesn’t know his brother is dead. So, he uses that, so Alex can give him a host of AFO addresses to look for Alfredo.


Amado has gotten word from his new suppliers that they don’t look kindly at the three heads of the Cali cartel confessing to the government so they can retire. No one gets to sing like a bird in the drug game. They will kill Pacho when he visits Mexico in a few weeks, and they just wanted to give Amado a heads up out of his respect because of his relationship with him.

Amado doesn’t know what to do. He has built a luxury home that is mainly empty and lonely. Carlos Hank is now trying to get on his good side and has the AFO on the run in TJ. What does it all mean? Amado is in the middle of an existential crisis.

He arranges for some money to be given to his ex-wife, he begins laundering money from his accounts before Carlos will notice, and he calls Marta in Cuba. He wants out, he says. A new life, and will she come with him? She says yes.

I’m guessing this won’t end as happily as Amado thinks.


Poor Victor. He compromises his ethics by joining his partner in illegal Cartel activities to help solve a serial killer in Juarez. Now, with the pesos devalued, 1990s Mexico is in an economic depression. Victor is laid off from the force, but his partner keeps his job because he knows how to play the game.

He is coming apart because he has morals where others on both sides of the drug game do not. Victor is forced to take a job under Amando’s scummy brother bouncing at a bar. He spends his night parking his car in an abandoned lot that oversees the factory girls’ bus station where they get picked up and dropped off for their shifts.

Then he sees a car that is staking out the bus stop. It’s American, and he sees the back of the driver’s head. It’s a man. He follows the car, and from about 100 yards away, he sees the vehicle pick up a factory girl walking home down the road. While in pursuit, he grabs the gun from his glovebox. He finally has him! Until his back tires blow up, and he is caught stranded on a dirt road watching the American sedan drive off with his next victim.


Andrea meets her mole, Kate. She hands her boxes full of bank records of a slush fund of the assassinated challenger to the president. The fund had 700 million dollars. It was for a rainy day or anyone he needed to pay off. They track down annual payments to small strip mall banks in El Paso. This is the way they will connect the money to Carlos Hank.

Will there be enough time, however? Roman tells her that they have lost their fourth sponsor this week. The paper is going under. You can’t pay the bills with morals, ethics, and values alone. Andrea, so young and naive, says we knew changing the world wouldn’t be easy.

Roman responds, “To be honest, I’m not sure we’re making a difference at all.”

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