Narcos: Mexico season 3, episode 9 recap – “The Reckoning”

November 5, 2021
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As we approach the end, “The Reckoning” needs to be seen to be believed, with a major twist that would be impossible to believe if it wasn’t completely true.

This recap of Netflix’s Narcos: Mexico season 3, episode 9, “The Reckoning,” contains spoilers.

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Narcos: Mexico season 3, episode 9 recap

“You’re Next Mayo! Tijuana is owned by the Arellanos!” That is what the sign says that hangs from an overpass along with his dead associate Ramon.

El Chapo

Chapo loved Guero. Chapo wants Guero murdered. That sums up the latest development between Guero and Chapo. He is back in the fold by finally being corralled by the cops and sent up to El Chapo’s prison. He’s handsome, intelligent, has charisma, and is a natural leader. At least that’s what Ernesto (Joaquin Cosio) puts in Chapo’s head. The jealousy starts to set in as the men in prison start to gravitate towards him.

I’m just betting Guero will be leaving in a body bag by the end of this season.


Walt is working with Alex to go over wiretaps of tapes from the Mexican military on the AFO. Alex notes that the videos are labeled wrong, and none of these are Ramon. He engages one of the soldiers, but Alex has no reason to lie — he is trying to save his brother. Alex asks Walt if they have had any luck locating Alfredo? He does what any good American agent does — he lies.

Walt starts to go over the transcripts of the wiretaps and reads that several people are sending their condolences to Benjamin over the health of his wife, Ruth. Alex asks why they are all lighting a candle for Benjamin’s wife? They aren’t, Alex says. It’s for his daughter Ruth. She is sick.

This represents an opportunity. Little adorable Ruth has a rare form of cancer that causes tumors to develop all over the body. Only four places in Mexico treat it, and three of them are in large, urban hospitals. Walt crosses those out and focuses on a suburban community that has a doctor who specializes in it. They fly down, set up surveillance, and raid the house when it turns dark. The problem is Benjamin is gone. He left the day prior. He left his wife and small child there.


Andrea and the gang are pulling a Spotlight. They are in a secure location working on the story of Carlo Hank’s financial connections to the Juarez Cartel. They find a conduit that connects the two. A former beauty queen named Sofia. Not just any, but a former two-time winner of Mexico’s greatest prize of femininity in 1983 and 1985. Except, there is no record of Sophia before 1982. The explanation? She must have been given a new name and identity from Carlos Hank himself.

Then, through meticulous research, they find the link between “Sophia” and Carlos Hank. A picture of him and her was pulled from 1981 at a fundraiser. Her name? Yessenia Chasco. Had they been having an affair? No. She was married to a man in the picture. A sergeant. A man we have seen before. He died six months after the picture was taken in the paper.

The man considered General Rebollo his mentor. That’s right. That’s the connection. She is not the conduit for Carlos Hank. She is the channel for General Rebollo and the Juarez Cartel. Rebollo is the one being paid off and to hunt down the AFO.


Carlos Hank alters Amado that he saw some irregularities in accounting. That will happen when you start to take out 15 million or so a week. He is ready to tell Hank off when he subtly drops concern for his Marta in Cuba. He knows the security he has on her, but they work for a man that works for Carlos (Amado didn’t call their references). The squirmy political animal is going to send his accountants to (re)cook the books. Amado has had enough. He finds a way to smuggle Marta outside of Cuba. He hands over the business to his brother gives his employees a severance package to leave town, and The Lord of the Skies then heads to his hanger to meet Marta at his family’s home.

The Ties That Bind

Except for Andrea and Roman’s calls to the Mexican military and political powers have caused a chain reaction. The Mexican army starts to cover up Rebollo’s crimes. Walt then grabs Alex to sneak him out the front to take him back to San Diego. Finally, while driving to his hanger, Amado finds out his name and face are all over the news. The cops have infiltrated his hanger, and he is moving straight into his future — prison time.

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