Narcos: Mexico season 2, episode 2 recap – “Alea lacta Est”

By Daniel Hart
Published: February 13, 2020 (Last updated: 3 weeks ago)
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Netflix Series Narcos: Mexico season 2, episode 2 - Alea lacta Est


Narcos: Mexico Season 2, Episode 2, “Alea lacta Est” shows Breslin and his men in a tight situation as Félix tries to arrange a new partnership.

This recap of Netflix Series Narcos: Mexico season 2, episode 2, “Alea lacta Est” contains significant spoilers.

Like Narcos: Mexico Season 1, there is a constant bubbling undertone lying beneath the story ready to explode. The chapters feel patient and well-introduced, exposition comes with salient information.

Episode 2, “Alea lacta Est” opens up with Breslin offering Verdin an immunity package in America if he gives him the name of who was in charge of the torture of Kiki. But Verdin is well-trained and taunts Breslin, offering in return his thoughts on his interrogation tactics. Verdin explains that his people will turn the city upside down to look for him as they have kidnapped a federal policeman.

The fear of Breslin’s face in this scene was a sight to behold. Breslin starts punching Verdin asking him the same question over and over again until Verdin spits out a tooth. Some of Breslin’s men are fretting about the danger Verdin brings if they continue to keep him.

Meanwhile, Episode 2 of Season 2 sees Félix in Matamoras looking for Juan Guerra. He finds the man in the kitchen cooking. Guerra is not ready to do business yet and they head down to the Gateway International Bridge. Guerra talks of how he used to move alcohol and then eventually opium. Guerra explains to Félix that he wants him to understand him as a person and what he needs.

I could sense Félix’s impatience very early on in this episode.

In Juárez, Amada visits the runways construction site. The men blame Acosta for the slow construction and are not sure where he is. Amada enters a cafe in Ojinaga and asks where Acosta is. Someone slyly tells him he’s with Mimi. Amada finds the location of where Mimi is and finds himself hunched behind a car as Mimi starts shooting at him while on horseback. Acosta casually appears on the roof.

As for Benjamin, he is frustrated in Episode 2, “Alea lacta Est”. He tells Nestor that they need to keep on moving more product — it has been in the warehouse for too long. A lorry turns up randomly and when they open the back, there is a pig that was sent by the Sinoloans — tensions are heightening.

Amada wants to talk to Acosta alone but Mimi seemingly knows his business. Adama tells Acosta that back in Juárez, nothing is getting built and product is not moving. Acosta insists he needs to stay where he is and that it is complicated. He mumbles about a feud between families.

Back to Breslin, who is sweating over his interrogation of Verdin. He is not breaking and they need to consider moving him. Some of the men are worrying. A desperate Breslin starts cutting off Verdin’s fingers to get a name, but it does not work. Verdin talks about how he manages pain from the torture — he uses the pain to protect his country. Verdin then proceeds to threaten Danilo, claiming that once he is out, he knows who he is and his family. Danilo shoots him and Verdin starts bleeding out. Breslin realises that Verdin is bleeding out slowly, so uses it to his advantage.

A dying Verdin says he does not know anyone. Breslin says he will give him medical help if he gets a name. Verdin gives him a name — Ruben Zuno Arce; he owned the house where they tortured Kiki.

Breslin now has a name and he’s set on a warpath — this was a pivotal scene for Breslin to rise through the ranks to take down Félix.

After a day with Guerra, Félix learns about the community and his family and at night, with the campfire burning, the pair finally talk business. Guerra talks of how he is content with his business operations and cites they are not barbarians. Guerra reveals how he has reliable profit just from opium alone, and the Americans could not care less because it is hurting people who they do not care about. Guerra is not sure about cocaine and explains that he did not got into that business because of people like Félix. Guerra asks Félix about the agent who was killed.

By this point, Félix is completely irritated by the failed negotiations and gives Guerra full transparency — he needs leverage and explains how they are both “small-time”. Félix explains how the country is one step away from chaos and they will eventually need each other. Guerra is happy that Félix has finally revealed his true self and he agrees to a partnership.

Félix always finds a way to get his deals.

As we near the end, Miss Isabella meets Benjamin at a club to talk business. She says she has cocaine to move and that Miss Isabella did not invite her to his party — Benjamin rejects her deal, explaining the risks involved. In the club, tensions heighten once more due to the pig prank and Ramon approaches the Sinaloans cartel and explains they have disrespected them.

Narcos: Mexico Season 2, Episode 2, “Alea lacta Est” ends with Breslin and his men leaving Verdin outside a hospital. A fight breaks off in the club between both cartels. Félix returns home satisfied with his deal but he’s stood alone in the darkness.

Cartel Diaries

  • Breslin talks about how hard interrogation can be. Explains how Verdin deserves it. Talks about how Verdin kept injecting Kiki with adrenaline. He learned it from the Americans.
  • In Tijuana, Benjamin meets his sister Enedina and her friends from the States who have a business idea that increases the volume of coke using a different method. Benjamin tells Enedina this deal wouldn’t be smart and could get them killed.

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