Inspector Koo season 1, episode 3 recap – “open your eyes and face your hidden self”

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: November 7, 2021
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Inspector Koo season 1, episode 3 recap - "open your eyes and face your hidden self"


Inspector Koo Episode 3 offers a moral and intriguing question. What will happen to Kyung-Yi and her assistant, Santa?

This recap of Inspector Koo season 1, episode 3 contains spoilers.

Inspector Koo is one of the dramas that gets you intrigued but that you probably give up on halfway due to the quirky humor and storylines. But it’s probably one of the strongest aspects of the series. Like we said in the previous recap, there are so many things to be ironed out in this series. As for today’s episode, Inspector Koo offer us an intriguing question: What do you think about killing the bad guy when you think that they deserve it? Is it wrong or an act of messiah instead?

Inspector Koo season 1, episode 3 recap

The episode starts with a thought-provoking conversation between the teacher Kyung-Yi and student Yi-Kyung. Kyung-Yi is investigating the janitor that mysteriously passes away. There’s a subtle switch of emotions and ambiances when Yi-Kyung starts to reminisce the dead janitor. As the set starts to lighten up, Kyung-Yi brings the folded snack plastic. Exactly the same as Yi-Kyung’s. “I don’t like to admit it but we’re similar,” she says. After that, we’re back to the reality where the present Kyung-Yi meets Yi-Kyung at the elevator alongside her aunt where Kyung-Yi asks why does she pretend to not know her. Yi-Kyung begins to act all excited and she begins to bring up about Kyung-Yu’s weakness: Mr. Jang’s death. As Yi-Kyung continues talking, the camera begins to tilt as Kyung-Yi starts to experience a huge emotional trauma and hyperventilating. She asks her to go away and run away. Yi-Kyung is looking at her coldly.

Meanwhile, we’re moving to Nah Jee-Hee talking about transferring Kyung-Soo to Team A instead due to the crisis their team is facing but he refuses and demands to stay in Team B instead because what’s important is working with trusted and competent subordinates. Later, Santa drives the sleeping Kyung-Yi where we witness her where there is Mr. Jang that gives her comfort. He gives her a herbal tonic. “Don’t try so hard, you have colleagues and I’m here too,” says Mr. Jang in her dreams which makes her goes insane again and get out from the car and run like crazy at the street. The chaos also happens at Nah Jee-Hee’s house when she sees her father lying down in the middle of the messy house. But there’s one interesting fact, Jee-Hee’s a single mother.

The next day, Jee-Hee visit Chief Yong at the orphanage center where she advises him to lower herself. “Don’t chase money, chase power.” Well, Jee-Hee is a quick learner. After the visit, we all witness her bowing down to apologize for the company loss. Her boss is putting her team in the basement as a punishment. “So this is how she meant by saying to lower yourself,” Jee-Hee mumbles. And that’s how the entire teammates move to the basement for good and the team starts to investigate a serial murder case.

The real party starts now. As a sexual assaulter make it to the headlines, Yi-Kyung’s aunt starts to nag that a bad guy like him needs to be punished. Later, Yi-Kyung’s focus on the news. “So he’s a bad guy,” she mumbles. She starts to illuminate the plans to hunt him down. Yi-Kyung says that she will make her aunt’s wish come true by giving the assaulter a lesson. It’s clear how her aunt already gives her the warning to stay away from. Both of them watch a theater performance about a medieval queen who loves to kill and hide. “Open your eyes and face your hideous self,” repeats Yi-Kyung, a dialogue that describes herself very well. Well, the next thing we know is that now she’s up to another trouble and victim to hunt. The next day, Yi-Kyung is seen doing a stunt while observing her next victim. Not long after, Keon Wook is arriving at the place pretending to be a engineer where he hacks the wireless to transfer their target phone’s data and delete the CCTV footage. After that, Yi-Kyung is experimenting with chemicals and a white mouse to make a poisonous cooking oil for her special french fries for her next target. While she cooks some french fries, a delivery guy comes to bring her packages. She gives him some of the fries, but luckily nothing bad happens to the delivery man. Hopefully.

After successfully experimenting on making a deadly cooking oil by using drugs, she later distributes all the items to her subordinates for the murderous event. All of her subordinates use the little black devilish dolls and signal with, “It’s Your Turn,” It’s interesting watching Yi-Kyung realize all of her deadly plans without getting her hand dirty. Everything is calculated. On the day of the festival, the sexual assaulter is seen hanging out by himself at one of the maid tents where he orders french fries. Facing his death, the cooking oil is running out at the maid cafe, that’s where the deadly cooking oil is being distributed. He later eats the poisoned fries. Everything seems fine until a couple of minutes later, another helper comes in to the scene and starts to create a fuss of placing a water balloon and asking people to smash to the person they are attracted to. The victim got splashed and that’s where everything begins to take a toll on his body. He begins to feel sick.

Meanwhile, Yi-Kyung is busy playing another stunt as a fangirl who takes pictures of a group idol that is targeted by the sexual assaulter. Later, she shifts her camera focus on her target, who is seen sitting like a stone with his head down. Later, a girl holding a knife appears demanding him to clear the video that he takes of her body. But there’s no reaction. The atmosphere gets intensified as she begin to stab him numerous times. Blood everywhere. The people around are shocked and begin to start a fuss. Yi-Kyung is watching everything in silence as she takes a photo of the girl.

After another murder successfully performed, the victim’s last footage before he dies mixes with a meme of “Who did it” goes viral all over the billboard. Kyung-Yi convinced that the pledge are made by K. She goes to the autopsy room to check on the corpse and goes to the festival where the murder occurs. Within minutes, Kyung-Yi had everything figured out except Yi-Kyung’s location. Her next stop is one of the helper’s houses that distributes the balloons at the festival where he unintentionally blabs that he only help which intrigues Kyung-Yi more. At his place, she manages to steal one of K’s evidence. She mistakenly believes that he’s just a pawn that leads him to K, but what he does not notice is that the helper guy is taking a photo of them and transferring it to another ally before the information ends up in Yi-Kyung’s hands. Meanwhile, Keon Wook is nervously watching Jee-Hee observing the CCTV footage at the security department. She notices that some of the footage mysteriously goes missing but his co-worker is doing a great job at covering the situation even though he knows nothing about it. Later, Keon Wook is trying to remove Yi-Kyung’s black book while Kyung-Yi is heading to the police station to confront the framed murder; Santa is heading back to the office to bring the evidence of Yi-Kyung’s allies.

The Ending

Kyung-Yi confronts the framed murderer at the Police station. She asks for her to reveal the identity of “the helper”. Kyung-Yi convinces her that she does not kill him because she’s basically stabbed a dead body in the first place. Kyung-Yi insists on her cooperation to inform her if by any chance “K” or the helpers contact her because she needs to arrest them. The framed murderer throws an intriguing question afterward, “That person is the only person that cares for me. Why would I betray them? If it’s you, what will you do for me instead?” which throws Kyung-Yi away to another dimension where she and Yi-Kyung go face to face.

Yi-Kyung asks Kyung-Yi how to murder someone without getting caught. She reveals her methods which align with the way Yi-Kyung executes: From observing the food they frequently eat and using it as a way to make the murder look like an accident instead. Kyung-Yi states that she wouldn’t be herself in the spotlight because she’ll get caught eventually, so she’ll find someone who will never betray her instead. Yi-kyung asks if it’s possible to find people like that which Kyung-Yi responds with “No, that’s why I don’t kill people,” which leaves Yi-Kyung laughing. But later, the present Kyung-Yi is having a realization over the person who won’t betray her as we witness Santa is being followed by none other than Yi-Kyung at the basement of NT Insurance. We know things aren’t going to end well when the CCTV starts to have a glitch here and there. What will happen to Santa and will Kyung-Yi successfully catch “K”?

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