Your Life Is A Joke season 1 review – a german attempt at carpool karaoke

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: November 9, 2021
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Netflix German Comedy Docuseries Your Life Is A Joke season 1


Your Life is a Joke is not as interesting or insightful as it would like to be. However, on the other hand, it is light-hearted and easy to follow.

This review of Netflix’s German Comedy Docuseries Your Life Is A Joke season 1 does not contain spoilers.

Your Life Is A Joke is a German reality comedy show that follows comedian/author Oliver Polak as he spends time with three different celebrities. With just three episodes that range from 36-39 minutes in runtime, it’s a quick watch if it interests you. 

All of the episodes have a similar format, which makes it feel quite repetitive. But there’s a nice touch with the addition of guest celebrities in each episode, who include actor Christian Ulmen, rapper Nura, and rock star Jennifer Weist. 

In regards to the repetitive format, take episode 1 of Your Life Is A Joke. It shows Oliver Polak and his guest Christian Ulmen driving around before they force us to watch Oliver sing. (P.S it’s quite awkward). After which, they visit a hardware store before they drive around again and finally settle on a place to eat. The episode concludes with a stand-up set performance from Oliver. The only difference in the following two episodes includes the change of celebrity guest and the location. For example, in episode 2, Oliver takes Nura to a nail and skating rink, whilst in episode 3, he takes Jennifer Weist to a gym.

If you’re a fan of Oliver’s comedic nature, you may be happy to learn that each episode concludes with his stand-up performance. But sadly, each episode begins with him singing the show’s theme tune; Your Life Is A Joke. It’s not as charismatic as you would have expected, nor does it make you want to binge straight into the next episode.

One of the positive aspects of Your Life Is A Joke is that if you’re on a mission to learn German, the conversational and laid-back nature of the show may help progress your levels further. 

What did you think of Netflix’s German Comedy Docuseries Your Life Is A Joke season 1? Comment below. 

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