Cowboy Bebop season 1, episode 3 recap – “Dog Star Swing”

November 19, 2021
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Cowboy Bebop’s third episode is an unusual episode that captures the series’ off-beat ways.

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Cowboy Bebop’s third episode is an unusual episode that captures the series’ off-beat ways.

This recap of Netflix’s Cowboy Bebop season 1, episode 3, “Dog Swing Star,” contains spoilers.

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“I hear the Soki on Mars is only good when it rains,” says Spike as he walks around the red planet’s finest food truck offerings. The chef of the Japanese food truck is immediately on edge. He turns around and says, “I don’t want any trouble.” Spike wants information, he tells him. Spike is working an angle, but what?

Cowboy Bebop season 1, episode 3 recap

The Next Job

Jet Black is in a rut (Mustafa Shakir). He is still chasing that score to buy a stuffed doll for his daughter that he has not seen in years. Yet, Spike seems surprisingly ready to work today. They receive a message for a bounty of 15-million, but Jet doesn’t want to take it. But Spike convinces him, however, even though Jet finds it strange that he wants to stay on a planet he hates to do the job, Tharsis. Jet says they need to bring in the Woodcock (that’s their name). She is a sultry redhead woman north of 60 who loves to flirt with Jet and has her ear to the ground. She also makes Jet incredibly uncomfortable. For instance, she doesn’t want a cut of the take but just dinner with the man. “That sounds like blackmail,” he tells her. “Damn right it is because, Jet, you are Black, and you are male.”

Do you see? Very uncomfortable. Now we know what Rupert Murdoch’s employees felt like.

Betty Boop’s and Betty Bottom’s

So, the boys head out to the only two brothels in Tharsis. The town is perfect for criminals waiting to hide out since most of them use digital masks, and the girls mind you, like Mission: Impossible, to hide their identities. That’s what their target, Hakim (Jay Paulson), does until he is recognized at a gas station. The actual crime, though, is happening in the brothels since out of shape, gray-haired, wrinkly women use the technology to make themselves look like a squad member of Taylor Swift’s crew. 

We also learned a bit about Jet’s backstory. He partnered with Chalmers (Geoff Stults), who saved each other’s lives on numerous occasions. However, he was the one who put Jet in prison for five years away from his wife and daughter. It’s a brotherhood, says Jet, and something that bewilders Spike. No worries, though. Jet finally locates the toy he has been trying to buy for his daughter – for the small price of $35,000. It’s the year 2071, so you have to calculate the inflation.

So, when Spike finally locates Hakim, they have an old-fashioned kung-fu match on the top of Betty Boops. Jet races down the street while protecting his daughter’s gift in his hand. As he gets to the top of the roof, he sees Hakim kick Spike off the roof. As he dives to catch him, he fires off a couple of shots at Hakim but does not hit him. He slides, extending both hands, and has to let the doll go. The gift falls to the street, but he manages to snag Spike’s ankle. His partner struggles to pull him up while Spike lights a cigarette upside down and lays against the painting of a naked woman, with his back against two large, bare breasts.

What a way to go if you had to.

Later, after staking out Betty Bottom’s, Spike sees that food truck he staked out at the beginning of the episode. He needs a package, he says. Spike slides him a note, and the chef tells him it will be on top of Silo 13 across from the factories.


We then get to Vicious, who has to shut down production of the red-eye until the heat is off him from his bosses at the Syndicate. So. as he looks over his naked worker-bees who are making the illicit drug for their drooling consumer, he tells them to put them up in a hotel, make sure they are well-fed until they can ramp up back production. Of course, he is a psychopath, so he was lying. He pulls out his gun and shoots a poor woman. As she falls, the rest of his crew opens fire and kills the red-eye workforce. They don’t call him Vicious for nothing.

Downsizing is a bitch.

Hakim’s Motivation

Hakim is on the run because he has been stealing rich people’s dogs. Why? That’s a legitimate question. It’s because when they went to escape earth when he was a kid, the rich people put their dogs in the escape pods, and not Hakim’s parents. So, he kept stealing the pretty canines and wanted to kill them. He realizes that they are just dogs. They didn’t do anything. Why should he kill them? He then turns the gun on himself, ready to pull the trigger, but as the boys are worried if he dies, he won’t get the bounty, they stop him. How? By increasing the man’s self-esteem. He has the most enormous bounty they have ever seen on his head (but not really), and that would be a shame to waste that kind of dough.

As he begins to smile, his body fills with a self-confidence he hasn’t felt in years. He is shot in the head by police. They used Spike and Jet so they could follow them and finally catch Hakim. Instead of letting them capture him, they kill him — preventing them from collecting on the bounty. 

You may hate the cops, but no one said they are stupid.

The Ending – The Silo

Spike calls Vicious as he lays on top of Silo 13, watching him through the scope of the sniper rifle he is manning at the moment. He offers Vicious a deal — call it off, and they can both walk away. The villain laughs as he knows he has the Syndicate’s power behind him — there is no way he can lose. That’s when Ferecoious tells him he likes his new car and wonders if he still uses bulletproof glass. He fires a round off that pierces the glass. But the velocity has been reduced, and it scratches Vicious’ cheekbone. Spike could have sent a second bullet, a kill shot, but pulls back the hammer. This sends the other bullet into the air and his right hand.

He walks away, satisfied that Vicious understands his warning (shot).

What did you think of Netflix’s Cowboy Bebop season 1, episode 3? Let us know in the comments below!

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