Cowboy Bebop season 1, episode 7 recap – “Galileo Hustle”

November 19, 2021
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Cowboy Bebop’s seventh episode, “Galileo Hustle,” is a very fun outing that brings us closer to Faye’s origin story.

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Cowboy Bebop’s seventh episode, “Galileo Hustle,” is a very fun outing that brings us closer to Faye’s origin story.

This recap of Netflix’s Cowboy Bebop season 1, episode 7, “Galileo Hustle,” contains spoilers.

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Cowboy Bebop season 1, episode 7 recap

Whitney Haggis Matsumoto

Just when Spike and Faye are enjoying a lazy day on the docks, and Faye make a mental pro/con list of if she appreciates butts (bubble ones, specifically) or boobs, her mother stops in. Well, her fake mother. She has a proposition — give her a ride to Santo City aid. She will provide her with that identikit. So, they plan on charming the boys. Whitney gets rid of Spike’s crank in his neck. She cooks them a delicious batch of noodles with fresh ginger and a squeeze of lemon. But, something doesn’t sit well with Jet.

So, after Jet does facial recognition on Whitney, they find out she has an impressive rap sheet that’s only fit for a con woman. Instead of running with this plot for the entire episode, they deal with it swiftly — Faye walks in on them, looking at the board. She tells them the truth. She was in that damn cryosleep, and Whitney pretended to be her mom to steal her identikit. Of course, they don’t believe her at first. Even when Jet comes around, he tells her bluntly that she lied.

What the Hell Just Happened?

And that’s when the Iron Man Sheik Chef Mink shows up in hologram form on Jet’s ship. Whitney and Mink are an item, and apparently, his bride stole some of his money. He isn’t happy about it, but he can’t stay mad at her. When he was about to make a threat, Jet broke the transmission equipment. So, the boys grab Whitney because she has a massive bounty on her head. But, after listening to Faye’s story and finding the Mink’s tracker in Matsumoto’s wedding ring, Jet makes a deal — go back with your mother to grab your identikit, and they will lead the Mink away from them.

Jet, a father-like figure to Faye, has to hurry to watch Kimmie, his daughter’s, dance recital. Using the same technology the Mink did, he used the hologram to stop in the watch. His ex-wife and Chalmers were supportive of Jet since he found out he was innocent of being a dirty cop. This leads to a very funny scene where Jet is dancing in a store to his daughter’s recital, and Spike is fighting off a half-dozen of the Mink’s bad guys outside, in the background.

However, they find that none of those guys are the Mink. It turns out he had another tracker on Whitney and followed them to the kits in storage. The only thing in the safe deposit box is a VHS tape. When the Mink shows, he threatens to kill both of them. Even after Faye and Whitney have a breakthrough mother/daughter moment. He calls up his henchman. They both draw their guns. He is about to fire when Whitney calls out, “Saddle Stitch!” Shockingly, the Mink turns and shoots his underling in the neck. Why? Because he hears the safe word. 

“We couldn’t come up with a new one?!” asks Whitney. Yes, this was all a role play fantasy because “Mama likes,'” she says.


She finally realizes, from Gren, that her best play would be to have Vicious killed. She approached Mao with that choice. Why should she, she asks? Well, why take only 3% of the net when you can take all of it? Julia has come to another realization — she wants Spike/Fearless back.

The Ending – Your Future Self

They play the tape back in Jet’s ship. He hooks up an old VHS player. They push the tape inside and press play. It’s an old video of Faye, which couldn’t be more than ten years old. She makes a message to her future self that is full of positivity and no cynicism. Right before they are about to stop it, little Faye turns to the camera and asks if they got it? They did, responds a woman. Little Faye responds, “Thanks, Mom.”

Faye had a family, after all.

What did you think of Netflix’s Cowboy Bebop season 1, episode 7, “Galileo Hustle”? Let us know in the comments below!”

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