Foundation season 1, episode 10 recap – the finale/ending explained

By Daniel Hart
Published: November 19, 2021
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Apple TV plus series Foundation season 1, episode 10 - The Leap - the finale ending explained


It feels like the story has just begun as Foundation rounds off with an insightful finale.

This recap of Apple TV+’s Foundation season 1, episode 10, “The Leap,” — the finale/ending explained — contains no spoilers.

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I am getting the sense that Foundation may not be a good adaptation, so ironically, I’m happy that I haven’t read the books. I have genuinely enjoyed season 1, and I do hope it got enough viewers for a second installment.

Foundation season 1, episode 10 recap – the finale and ending explained

The finale begins by showing Hari Sheldon, shrouded in The Vault as he travels through space. It then flits to the Terminus, with Hari Seldon showing himself to the Thespins, the Anacreons, and the people of the Terminus outpost. Hari tells the Anacreons that the clones played them, and killed their Huntress, and implicated royalty. He tells them they now have the Invictus; he asks them to set aside their hatred and work together to be stronger.

We are now witnessing Hari’s fascinating plan to end the first season.

Hari Seldon asks where Gaal is. Salvor states she never made it. Hari tells them all that they are special and represent the future. He calls the human race an ever-evolving story. He instructs them to move the Invictus, and the Empire will believe they are already dead. This will buy them time to evolve and rebuild.

The kids ask Hari Seldon what it was like to die and wonder what it’s like to be a ghost. Hari describes how The Vault had machinery that took his entire DNA makeup as his tomb. Hari walks away and tells them all to remember this day before returning to The Vault. Salvor asks Hari about the visions she’s received from him. Hari tells her he hasn’t sent her any visions.

It’s starting to dawn on Salvor that whatever she is experiencing is separate from Hari’s plans.

The children of the outer reach took Hari’s words to heart, and they built and built. Hugo became the captain of the Invictus — he took it to the far side of the galaxy, allowing the Foundation to be free.

Brother Dusk and Day convene after they were nearly infiltrated. They have to decide to want to do with Brother Dawn. Day tells Dawn that his DNA has been altered in a dozen ways and that he’s not one of them. Brother Dawn states he knew he wasn’t like them a long time ago. Brother Day highlights that Dawn betrayed them, but Dawn refutes that idea and asks if he’s ever wanted more, rather than just being an installment. He calls them “echoes” for the original Cleon.

Brother Day tells Azura that they have mapped out her entire family tree, her friends, lovers, co-workers, and everyone in her extended orbit. He tells her that with one signal, they would all cease to exist. He processes the signal — everyone who was connected to her now no longer exists. He tells Azura she will be placed in a cell and fed intravenously, and it will be designed to prevent her from causing self-harm — she will be sensory shrouded for the rest of her life, but she will be aware.

Honestly, this scene sent chills down my spine.

Salvor has another vision in the middle of the night and heads out. She looks over at The Vault but then sees someone so chases after them. When the girl she’s chasing turns around, she dives into a nearby pool. Salvor reaches closer to the light on The Vault. Later on, she asks her mother who the girl is from the water planet Synnax.

Her mother describes how they had a seed bank program on the slow ship, and it wasn’t safe to bring the baby to time and space, so they banged their eggs and embryos together as insurance for the future, and she chose one from a controversial donor — Gaal. The mother states she got to know Gaal before they lost her, and she had a remarkable mind. The father of Salvor is Raych. This is an incredible revelation.

Salvor figures she’s been living Gaal and Raych’s memories. That’s why she is different. The mother tells Salvor that she’s still her daughter, but Salvor says she’s their daughter too. Salvor thinks Gaal is out there, and she’s reaching out to her. It would explain why she is unique too. She wants to find her. As Salvor heads out to find Gaal, Hugo finds her. He accepts that she’s leaving but also that love is meant to hurt. He knows it’s her destiny. It’s an emotional departure, but Salvor is sure of what she has to do.

Dermerzel tells Brother Dawn that “it’s time.” She tells him she has love for him. He’s taken to Brother Day and Dusk. Dusk calls him a deformity, and it’s for the middle throne (Day) to decide. Day talks about his experience in Maiden that has changed him. He talks about how a woman challenged him and that a soul incapable of change is doomed to stagnation. Dusk is surprised by Day’s words. Day thinks it’s time for the dynasty to bend little. Dusk is dismayed, and they argue among themselves before fighting. Dermerzel comforts Dawn while they argue before snapping Dawn’s neck. She tells them both she is loyal to the Empire before anything else. Dusk asks for another Dawn to be incarnated and up to speed immediately.

Brother Day learns that since the recent events, all clones are not pure copies. Day and Dusk may also be not pure. In his rage, Day breaks the glass chamber of the original. Meanwhile, in emotional turmoil, Dermerzel rips off her facial skin to reveal her robotic face.

The ending of “The Leap.”

And we finally return to Gaal; her cyro session has ended, and she arrives at her home planet Synnax. She’s emotional about her return. Gaal rows in the vast ocean on her return, and she watches her cyropod sink behind her. She knows her adventure, her dream of saving her planet, is over.

When she returns home, she sobs…all her people are gone. Below her in the ocean, she sees a glowing light. She swims into the depths and sees a sunken ship. She finds a cyro pod and opens it. It’s Salvor, the daughter she didn’t know she had.

She brings Salvor to the surface and asks what she was doing down there as she was in the cyro pod for a century. Salvor says she crashed landed and she was looking for someone — and then she looks at Gaal, and says “you.” Salvor reveals her name and says, “I’m your daughter.” She then shows her a device made by Hari Seldon that belongs to her.

It’s weird — with that ending, it feels like the story has only truly begun. Let’s hope we get a season 2!

What did you think of Foundation season 1, episode 10 (finale), and the ending? Comment below.

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  • November 21, 2021 at 2:25 pm

    Apple TV’s Foindation- Boring, ramlino & bearing little resemblance to the actual book by Isaac Asimov. What a disappointment!

  • November 21, 2021 at 8:34 pm

    LOVED this show. Season 2 has been greenlit so can’t wait for it!!

  • February 8, 2022 at 1:43 pm

    The most ridiculous, far fetched piece of bullcrap writing ever.the should cut their losses and kill this lame duck right now

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