Foundation Season 2 Episode 7 Recap – what does Hober offer the Spacers?

By Adam Lock
Published: August 25, 2023 (Last updated: March 19, 2024)
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Apple TV+ series Foundation Season 2 Episode 7 Recap


“A Necessary Death” contains plenty of pretentious dialogue, but the action finally starts to build some momentum in this eventful chapter. There are many exciting developments in the plotting as the series builds towards its climax, setting the stage for an enticing finale.

We recap the Apple TV+ series Foundation Season 2 Episode 7, “A Necessary Death,” which contains spoilers.

The many ongoing subplots in Foundation finally start to build some genuine momentum in “A Necessary Death.”

Brother Constant (Isabella Laughland) and Poly (Kulvinder Ghir) are interrogated by Brother Day (Lee Pace), who is moving ahead with his political marriage despite the coming war.

Queen Sareth (Ella-Rae Smith) still wants to bring Brother Day down from the inside, though. And Salvor (Leah Harvey) grows suspicious of the Mentalics on Ignis.

Foundation Season 2 Episode 7 Recap

Starting with the clerics, Brother Constant and Poly find themselves imprisoned in the imperial palace. Brother Day and Demerzel observe them from a safe distance away.

They are informed that the clerics are from the Church of Hari Seldon. Demerzel asks if Day wants to postpone the wedding, but he is happy to move forward regardless of this inconvenience.

Demerzel worries that the marriage will get in the way of their own secret romance, but Queen Sareth already knows all about this arrangement.

More importantly, she wants to find out if Brother Day killed her family. Her assistant Rue urges her not to embarrass or push the Emperor though it could end in her death.

Queen Sareth is then summoned for an examination. On the way there, she points out to Demerzel that she knows she is a robot.

During the examination, Sareth also discloses further information about Demerzel’s affair with Day.

What does Brother Day want from Queen Sareth?

The Queen seems to be putting all of her cards on the table all at once for all to see. But Sareth is being backed into a corner and is being forced to fight back. Brother Day wants to harvest her eggs, to begin the process of producing an heir. Queen Sareth refuses to go ahead with the procedure until she is married, though.

After revealing all of Demerzel’s secrets, the robot retaliates. She heavily implies her own involvement in the deaths of Sareth’s entire family.

This panics the Queen, who meets with Brother Dawn in secret.

Using facial scramblers, Queen Sareth and Dawn talk in private. She tells Dawn that she is a prisoner. She will be forced to marry Day, but she doesn’t want to give him her babies too.

Sareth wants Dawn to be the father instead. Can she convince Dawn to betray his brother and carry on his own legacy in secret?

What does Hober offer the Spacers?

Meanwhile, on Ignis, Salvor grows suspicious of the Mentalics. Gaal has already fallen under their spell, though, and pressures Salvor to follow suit. While Hober negotiates with the Spacers. He offers them opalesk, a micro-nutrient that the Spacers depend on. Empire takes 10% of the Spacers’ offspring in return for this micro-nutrient. Hober admits that due to the futuristic technology he now possesses, the Spacers will become obsolete very soon. He tries to bring the Spacers onto his side to win them over.

The lead Spacer, She-Is-Center, communicates with her daughter She-Bends-Light, who is on Bel Riose’s ship. They do a risk assessment and realize that betraying the Empire would be more of a hindrance to their race.

They decide to side with Empire and turn Hober over to Bel Riose instead.

How does Hober escape from Bel Riose?

Hober Mallow and his whisper ship are taken to Bel Riose. During their first meeting, Hober tries to escape but loses a fight with Bel and his husband, Glawen. With no other options, Hober releases the ship’s shrike Beki. The creature attacks the men, allowing Hober time to escape back onto the ship in all the chaos.

Brother Day is informed of Hober’s escape and this futuristic technology that they use. He grows paranoid about their advantages. Next, Brother Day meets with the clerics to see what their intentions are.

Brother Constant and Poly explain their mission. They want to form an alliance with the Empire. Brother Day says that Hober’s plans backfired. The Spacers don’t want an alliance.

Then Hari Seldon appears before them all, working as a projection coming forth from Brother Constant.

Hari tells Day that he is physically alive and on Terminus. The Foundation has the weaponry and the technology for war but would prefer peace.

Day says that Hari’s predictions are outdated. He then orders Bel Riose to head to Terminus for war and to retrieve Hari’s technology. Brother Constant is then shocked, and the clerics are imprisoned once again.

Foundation Season 2 Episode 7 Ending Explained

The installment ends back on Ignis. Salvor’s suspicions only grow. She inspects one of the Mentalic’s boats, which has mysteriously had all of its data erased. Salvor follows the boat’s last known route and is led to the place where Hari was murdered.

Salvor swims over to Hari’s lifeless body. Then she is greeted by Tellem and her guards. The leader calls Hari’s death a necessity and then knocks Salvor out as well. In the end, Salvor starts to drown beside Hari’s corpse.

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