Foundation Season 2 Episode 8 Recap – what is Tellem’s plan?

By Adam Lock
Published: September 1, 2023 (Last updated: March 19, 2024)
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Apple TV+ series Foundation Season 2 Episode 8 Recap


One epic action sequence early on in “The Last Empress” bumps up this latest episode’s overall grade, showcasing the dizzying heights that Foundation can reach from time to time. And the final third seems to be lining up an intriguing new villain, which is exciting. But the series still feels like it is building towards a grand finale it cannot deliver on.

We recap the Apple TV+ series Foundation Season 2 Episode 8, “The Last Empress,” which contains significant spoilers.

Foundation has all the scope and the budget to go into full-on action mode from time to time, but it rarely includes such cinematic, entertaining sequences.

“The Last Empress” finally offers up one of these epic action sequences as Brother Day (Lee Pace) wages war in the galaxy. Elsewhere, Tellem (Rachel House) shows her true self, and Queen Sareth (Ella-Rae Smith) continues to plot Day’s demise.

Foundation Season 2 Episode 8 Recap

It would seem everyone is either plotting against or double-crossing one another in episode eight. Brother Dusk catches Rue up to no good, lurking in Demerzel’s quarters as the episode opens.

The Cloud Dominion sees Demerzel as a threat, and Rue wants to find out more about this treacherous robot.

When asked about Demerzel, who is likely the last surviving robot in the galaxy, Dusk seems to short-circuit himself, repeating the same phrase over and over again.

He seems to have been tinkered with, and his own memories cannot be trusted anymore. Rue proposes restoring his lost memories with Dominion’s new technology.

Meanwhile, on Ignis, Gaal is trapped in one of Tellem’s mind prisons. Tellem confesses to killing Hari Seldon, but Gaal appears to have sensed this all along. She knew the very moment it happened.

Tellem won’t explain what she has in mind for Gaal next, but an ominous ceremony is being prepared for her.

Salvor is also in one of these prisons, having survived her drowning. Salvor tries to figure out how to escape, fearing for Gaal’s safety. She remembers what Hari told her about the Prime Radiant from before. Salvor must find this object to save Gaal.

How does Salvor escape her prison?

She envisions the Prime Radiant and then finds it hidden in her coat. Salvor unlocks the Prime Radiant and transports to inside the Vault, where another Hari Seldon is presiding. He seems perplexed by her sudden arrival. Hari quickly figures out what is happening. He is a copy of Hari Seldon and has been tasked with forming a second Foundation. Salvor asks for Hari’s help in saving Gaal. She then shows him the sensors that keep her trapped on Ignis. Hari helps her escape using his genius.

Before parting ways, Salvor tells Hari about Hober Mallow, someone who could be integral in their future plans. Hari doesn’t know who Hober is but accepts Salvor’s advice.

He then engraves the name on the outside of the Vault. This shows that the timelines are slightly out of order in season two. Hober’s storyline must come after these events.

What is Tellem’s plan?

While Salvor escapes, Gaal is taken to the ceremony. It is revealed that Tellem plans on taking Gaal’s powers from her to restore her own abilities. This procedure occurs every few decades, leading to Tellem’s reincarnation. Tellem admits that she coerced Gaal to embark on this mission to Ignis all those years ago.

How does Hober save Brother Constant?

On Trantor, Brother Day live-streams the execution of Brother Constant and Poly across the galaxy. Poor Sermak watches this from Terminus. Brother Constant is about to be beheaded when Hober Mallow arrives to save the day. Using his whisper ship, he sends a gravitational pulse out that injures the guests, knocking them all to the ground.

A shootout then follows. Hober releases the bishop’s claw, Beki, who bounds after Day. The Emperor is attacked and injured by this monster but survives. Beki isn’t so lucky.

Hober then escapes with Brother Constant on the whisper ship. Hober removes the contraption from around Constant’s neck. They escape but are soon found by the Empire’s fleet and Bel Riose.

Brother Dusk sees Hober’s attack as a declaration of war. He urges Day to fight back. Day wants to speak with Hari Seldon on Terminus first before unleashing his army, though.

He travels to Terminus with Poly on a warship, leaving Dusk in charge. Day promises to give Sareth the planet of Terminus as a wedding gift.

Foundation Season 2 Episode 8 Ending Explained

In his absence, Sareth continues her plans to seek revenge on Day. She meets with Brother Dawn. He agrees to her plans. They will use Dawn’s DNA to make an heir instead of using Day’s. Meanwhile, Brother Dusk and Rue hunt out further answers in the palace.

They find a secret doorway that leads to a spiral staircase and a hidden chamber. The episode ends with both parties reaching the same conclusion.

Dusk, Rue, Dawn, and Sareth all realize that Demerzel is the one pulling the strings. Dawn then says that Demerzel is Cleon’s only true heir. She is his forever empress.

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