Biohackers season 1, episode 6 recap – “Fate”

August 20, 2020
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“Fate” goes the way of all Netflix finales in that it doesn’t really end things, but Biohackers has earned a second season.

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“Fate” goes the way of all Netflix finales in that it doesn’t really end things, but Biohackers has earned a second season.

This recap of Biohackers season 1, episode 6, “Fate”, contains spoilers. You can check out our thoughts on the previous episode by clicking these words

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Biohackers episode 6, the finale, begins with a scene we’ve seen before: Mia coming to while being asked her name by a woman in a hazmat suit, saying it’s Emma. This woman’s name is Petra Eller, a doctor, and she needs to know what happened on the train, but Mia is faintly delirious. Spotting a mosquito on the hazmat suit, she gives it a heavy slap and sees it has red eyes. She deduces immediately what Jasper and Lorenz have done. She frantically tells a very confused Petra that these are genetically-engineered mosquitoes that spread the Coxsackievirus. Petra says it’ll take at least two weeks to synthesize the antibodies, but Mia says she can get one sample that they can then stretch out into 25, which will only take an hour. It’s a good plan! But Petra and her colleagues nevertheless lock Mia and the rest of the passengers in the carriage, one assumes for quarantine purposes (aren’t you sick of that word yet?)

Post opening credits of Biohackers episode 6, Mia takes the initiative and smashes one of the train’s windows in order to escape, which somehow an entire team of personnel doesn’t see. (It also smartly cuts to Lorenz breaking the glass of a storage unit in order to fake a break-in.) Mia hops a nearby fence and calls the flat, where Ole is dopily soldering something or other and Lotta, who answers, won’t stop ranting about the funding for Jasper’s Huntington’s research. When Mia finally gets passed on to Chen-Lu, she tells her to check the news, telling her that they need to get to Jasper’s lab to amplify the antibodies in order to save the people on the train.

Mia’s able to make it to Jasper’s lab, where she runs into Jasper himself, who says that nobody’s going to die since “they” have it all under control. It’s obvious that Jasper is primarily motivated by jealousy over Niklas, which is kind of bonkers considering he barely knows Mia at all. Mia, to her credit, tries to convince him of Lorenz’s evil genetic meddling, but he’s unconvinced, despite Mia namedropping Project Homo Deus. Jasper, thoroughly annoyed at being called stupid, stomps the Coxsackievirus antibody sample and calls the police with a tip-off about the train attack.

Chen-Lu, Ole, and Lotta arrive at the lab to help — that’s a nice moment of solidarity, though I’d personally be making Ole wait outside. As they work, a heavily-armed SWAT team arrives, believing the perpetrator of the train attack is inside. Buying just enough time to finish their work, Chen-Lu and Ole head outside to surrender, where Ole confesses his love for Chen-Lu right as they’re dragged to the ground. Inside, Lotta impersonates Emma Spartacus style and is arrested as Mia creeps away using a grate in the floor. That’s friendship for you, folks.

Jasper turns up at Lorenz’s house in Biohackers episode 6, letting her know that he destroyed the antibody sample and snitched to the police, and she tells him to stay there for now, evidently a bit put-out by the news of police involvement.

Mia takes the sample to the hospital where the train’s passengers are being treated, and she runs into Petra again, who is really pretty underneath that hazmat suit. Mia hands over the antibodies, though I’m not entirely sure how they were able to synthesize them given Jasper destroyed the sample? Whatever. Mia can’t stay to see how things go, but she’s got the right stuff in the right hands, especially since Petra, after analyzing the virus, realized she was telling the truth in the first place.

At Lorenz’s place, Jasper, with what Mia told him in the back of his mind, looks up the Homo Deus files on Lorenz’s computer. The files confirm she was telling the truth. The problem is that Lorenz spots that he isn’t in his room, and saunters down into the lab, where he confronts her about not having created any antibodies. This guy is going to have some serious trust issues. Lorenz tries to tell him it’s all about something greater than him and his life, which she believes suffices as an explanation, but he angrily breaks down in tears, having evidently been betrayed one time too many. He pulls up the house’s security footage just in time to catch Lorenz telling the police that it was really him who carried out the train attack, forcing him to flee as she looks knowingly up at the camera, obviously aware he’s watching.

Mia is summoned to the hospital, where Petra tells her than the antibodies haven’t worked. This strain of the virus has been genetically modified, and there’s nothing else they can do. Mia recalls several exchanges with Lorenz, figuring out that she never wanted the antibodies to work and was using a mutated virus. There’s nowhere else for Mia to go other than back to Lorenz’s house.

Mia tries to exchange the stolen DNA samples of the Homo Deus patients in exchange for the antibodies, but Lorenz obviously hasn’t created any. She’s still insistent that nobody will die, though, if they give them better immune systems — her plan is to use the Homo Deus research on the train passengers. With no other options available to her, Mia hands the samples over to Lorenz and takes the Homo Deus blood to the hospital, where she injects it into the IVs of the patients. Lorenz, meanwhile, destroys all the evidence of Homo Deus from her database.

After a night crying at his bedside, Mia is there when Niklas and the rest of the passengers wake up. They’re all okay. Mia returns to the flat, where Ole and Chen-Lu can’t stop smooching, and Lotta is excited to make cocktails. It seems like a happy ending in Biohackers season 1, episode 6, especially as we see someone begin to draft an email to Mia, which she receives. “You were right,” it reads, signed off by J. He copied all the Project Homo Deus files and sent them to her. She messages her contact, who turns out to be Andreas Winter, who we met briefly right at the beginning of the season, and gives him all the evidence. He gives her his word that Lorenz will never enter a laboratory again. But Mia is suddenly grabbed by masked men and dragged away, bundled into the back of a van where Lorenz is also bound and gagged. Just when it looked like we were going to get a proper ending to a Netflix series, too. Maybe next time.

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