Biohackers season 2, episode 6 recap – the ending explained

By Michael Frank
Published: July 9, 2021
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Netflix series Biohackers season 2, episode 6 - Remember - the ending explained


Netflix’s German thriller from Christian Ditter finds a fitting ending to Mia’s current troubles, as she attempts to survive her failing health, evil benefactors, and fading alliances.

This recap of Netflix’s Biohackers season 2, episode 6, “Remember” — the ending explained — contains spoilers.

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In the first five minutes of the second season finale of Biohackers, German creator Christian Ditter hammers home the kindness existing within Mia (Luna Wedler). She won’t let another person die, as she drags out Andreas Winter (Benno Fürmann), the man who experimented on her, placing her close to death. After the accidental lab explosion, Mia and Jasper (Adrian Julius Tillmann) pull Winter out of the wreckage so that others will find him. They won’t let him wither and die. In a show filled with shattered ethics, these two, who certainly have not been the models for moral behavior, choose to do what’s right.

They find a room full of little red books, detailed notes on every single experiment that wealthy benefactor Wolfgang von Fürstenberg (Thomas Kretschmann) has funded, stealing a book along with his laptop. And in a feat of pure strength and adrenaline, the two climb up a service shaft, highlighting the action that Ditter is willing to insert into the series. Albeit a bit unrealistic, it provides great drama and excitement, watching these two climb for their lives. 

Lotta (Caro Cult) finds her father’s secret lab after her friends escape it, finally understanding the awful decisions he’s made, the science he’s pushed forward despite the human cost. Still, though, loyalty prevails, even if she’s left with a heapload of built-up trauma to process. Loyalty can seemingly exist even with lies. Her father asks her to find out where they took Mia, and she obliges. She doesn’t know who to trust, a position Mia is familiar with, as the onus has fallen on another character. 

These shifts in decision-makers marks Biohackers throughout its two seasons. Different people have power in each episode, a revolving door of people around Mia, all of which with a role to play in her demise or her survival. In this finale, Lotta becomes one of those people, choosing to help her father and her family, believing him because she wants to believe him. She needs him to be telling the truth, a blindness we all have experienced when those close to us haven’t been honest. 

Lorenz (Jessica Schwarz) comes to save Mia while Lotta and her father head towards them. At the professor’s excellence center, they strap headgear to Mia, hoping that ultrasound sonication, a new concept for me, but an old one for most of these characters, will reverse the effects of the “Oblivion” drug tested on Mia. And it works, saving her life, even if it’s in danger when she wakes up, with Lotta and the Baron standing there, waiting to kill them. Her memories are back, though, and after nearly six full episodes, we have an idea of what happened to Mia. 

Once she was kidnapped, Wolfgang offered her a deal: disappear (get killed by him, basically) or become the guinea pig for Winter’s experiments due to her perfect immune system. It wasn’t a difficult choice for her. After these memories come back, Wolfgang attempts to kill her with another dose of the memory-erasing drug, though she and Jasper fight back while Lotta pursues them, leading to Mia and the Baron falling over the edge of a railing. While they both survive, Mia’s in much better shape, while the latter fights for his life in the ICU. 

Some amount of time later, Mia meets with Lorenz in a distant field. Unbeknownst to them, the von Fürstenberg kids have set them up, as a gun goes off, shooting Lorenz in the chest and killing her in Mia’s arms. It was likely the Baron’s final wish, one that the family was fine to follow, though Lotta’s involvement isn’t confirmed. 

So how can this saga of violence, experimentation, and betrayal end? For Mia, for now, it ends at a lake. She discards of the newspaper clippings of Lorenz, the memories of her childhood pain, the vengeance she felt for the death of her brother, and the anger she couldn’t shake. A sense of calm wafts over this final scene, a feeling that Biohackers has avoided during its current two-season tenure. Mia’s journey might not continue past this point, but her situation seems to be resolved for the moment. She can (hopefully) live freely with Jasper and her friends, at least for a few months. 

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