Biohackers season 2, episode 5 recap – “Find”

By Michael Frank
Published: July 9, 2021
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Netflix series Biohackers season 2, episode 5 - Find


Mia’s survival is on the line in the most thrilling episode of the season, as the series gives a bit of resolution to the dozens of mysteries surrounding its protagonist.

This recap of Netflix’s Biohackers season 2, episode 5, “Find”, contains spoilers.

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Mia (Luna Wedler), risking her life while her health deteriorates, makes her way into the lab of Andreas Winter (Benno Fürmann) and Wolfgang von Fürstenberg (Thomas Kretschmann), a dingy place in which she was experimented on, an awful cycle during her short time alive. While she investigates the contents of the lab, Jasper (Adrian Julius Tillmann) buys her time by talking and switching phones with Wolfgang, showing the audience that he is, in fact, a kind guy. The cliffhanger, an unnecessary one, was a red herring, a misleading moment that almost betrayed the several episodes needed to even get Jasper back into the good graces of Mia and the Biohackers audience. 

While they investigate the Fürstenberg mansion, the daughter attached to this fortune, Lotta (Caro Cult), talks with Niklas (Thomas Prenn) about philosopher Immanuel Kant. They discuss the end-of-life theory, openly chatting about the ideas and theories that have defined creator Christian Ritter’s series. It’s a too-meta scene for a show that has allowed those unanswerable questions to bubble beneath the surface, usually letting the science, the discoveries, and the repercussions speak for themselves. Still, it gives Cult more opportunities to shine as the most interesting supporting character in season two, more minutes of screentime for an actor that was (mostly) pushed to the side during the first six episodes. 

Mia finds videos in the lab of the experiments Winter was testing, including a drug called “Oblivion,” a memory loss drug to help you forget the worst 24 hours of your life. It’s supposed to be used as a therapy tool, a coping drug to help you move on from difficult times, but Mia was the first human test subject, following a dead monkey. She watches videos of herself losing her mind due to the drug, as she loses cognitive functioning in real-time. More importantly, with some help from Lorenz (Jessica Schwarz) she finds a cure in something called sonication, using ultrasounds to reset parts of her brain and its functioning. At its core, Biohackers is a show about science, and it never hesitates to lean into jargon and other terminology its audience surely won’t understand. 

Lotta finds out that Mia has been snooping around her family and their estate, becoming enraged at her roommates for not telling her sooner, unwilling to believe their stories about her father. Her loyalty to her family, and the importance of this quality, comes through, complexities happening as she attempts to sift through her feelings, her beliefs, and her faith in her father’s business dealings. 

Once Jasper gets kidnapped by Winter and Wolfgang (which would have been a great name for a pop-rock duo), Mia must intervene, stopping the former from killing her boyfriend. She learns that she initially consented to the experiments, taking some sort of deal from Wolfgang. Her feelings towards those experiences have changed, though, and together, with Jasper, they overpower Winter and accidentally blow up part of the lab, knocking Winter unconscious as the flames grow around them.

Of course, that’s where Ritter ends it, leaving you wondering about Mia’s health, their collective chances of living, and how they’ll escape another inescapable situation. Knowing these geniuses, and nearly everyone in Biohackers could be named a genius, they’ll find a way to survive. 

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