Foundation Season 2 Episode 9 Recap – who dies in “Long Ago, Not Far Away”?

By Adam Lock
Published: September 8, 2023 (Last updated: March 19, 2024)
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Apple TV+ series Foundation Season 2 Episode 9 Recap


“Long Ago, Not Far Away” starts well and ends with a cinematic tour de force, but the middle section drags somewhat. Foundation continues to be hindered by mediocre fight sequences and great stretches of pretentious dialogue. Yet the series has its highlights still, setting up what is sure to be one hell of a finale.

We recap the Apple TV+ series Foundation Season 2 Episode 9, “Long Ago, Not Far Away,” which contains spoilers.

The penultimate episode of season two, titled “Long Ago, Not Far Away,” centers on the battle between Brother Day’s (Lee Pace) army and Hari Seldon’s (Jared Harris) church as the two enemies wage war upon one another.

Meanwhile, Salvor (Leah Harvey) attempts to rescue Gaal (Lou Llobell) from Tellem’s (Rachel House) spell on Ignis.

Foundation Season 2 Episode 9 Recap

In the long ago, but not far away, 610 years ago on Trantor to be precise, we are introduced to a young Cleon, the original emperor. He discovers a secret passageway in the palace that leads him to Demerzel.

The robot awaits, segmented and immobile, inside this hidden chamber. Cleon speaks with Demerzel, who tells him stories of Earth. She informs Cleon that she is over 18,000 years old.

Demerzel wants to be freed; she has lived within these confines for 5,000 years now.

Cleon is wary of freeing her, but as he ages and after becoming Emperor himself, he gives her clothes and freedom of movement. She remains inside her prison cell, though, for now. Over time, Cleon eventually relents, freeing her when he is an old man.

Why is Demerzel freed?

The older Cleon refuses to marry; he’s in love with Demerzel. He gives her freedom from her prison cell, but at a cost; she is fitted with a device that means she cannot ever be completely free. She is unable to harm Cleon and must remain loyal to the emperor, protecting his dynasty forever. Demerzel begrudgingly accepts his terms.

This story is recounted to Brother Dusk in the present. After the tale is completed, Rue and Dusk are then imprisoned in the chamber in Demerzel’s old cell.

Meanwhile on Ignis, Tellem and Gaal continue the ceremony as Gaal’s powers are transferred to Tellem. Salvor comes to the rescue, though, putting a stop to this crime.

Salvor drags Gaal to safety, breaking her from her trance. They make it back to their ship, but they are followed.

Why does Brother Day start the battle?

Elsewhere, Brother Day prepares for war with Terminus. But first, he wants to go down to the surface of the planet to speak with Hari Seldon in person. Day is shown around one of Hari’s churches, which is just a cover for a weapon workshop. Day is shown the latest inventions, including a machine that can turn iron into gold, and the Aura bracelets that Day wears to keep him immune from injury. Day is furious to see their advances and decides to wage war as first planned.

Bel is ordered to attack the Invictus ship, starting a space battle around the orbit of Terminus. Glawen leads the attack, making his way through the chaos towards the enemy’s ship.

He manages to land the fatal blow; the Invictus is quickly defeated. On his return journey, Glawen is hit, and the warrior crash lands on Terminus.

Meanwhile, Brother Day pays Hari Seldon a visit to the Vault. Hari wants to discuss a resolution, offering Day the Prime Radiant in return for peace. Day doesn’t want the knowledge of his own demise; he wants to humiliate Hari instead. Hari refuses to badmouth psychohistory; he believes in it too much.

Why does Demerzel leave Day’s side?

In retaliation, Day decides to destroy Invictus once and for all, making sure that it crash-lands on Terminus. Demerzel is shaken by Day’s destructive nature and malicious behavior. She demands to leave, unable to watch Day destroy an entire planet. She hates what he has become and blames herself for how he has turned out.

Foundation Season 2 Episode 9 Ending Explained

Who dies in “Long Ago, Not Far Away”?

As the episode draws to an end, Salvor and Gaal battle Tellem and Loron. Salvor manages to kill Loron, trapping him in the airlock, but they are unable to defeat Tellem alone. Hari returns to the ship and bludgeons Tellem to death.

In the final scene, Day orders the destruction of Invictus. Just before Bel gives the final orders himself, Glawen gets in contact with the surface of Terminus. Bel doesn’t want to lose his lover, but Glawen forces him to submit to Day’s orders anyway. They say a tearful goodbye to one another and then Invictus is shot down.

The gigantic ship plummets towards the planet’s surface. Once it connects with the planet, Terminus begins to implode. Brother Day watches the planet being destroyed, grinning manically as millions die.

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