Foundation Season 2 Ending Explained – “Creation Myths”

By Adam Lock
Published: September 15, 2023 (Last updated: 3 weeks ago)
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Foundation Season 2, Episode 10 Recap and Ending Explained
Foundation Season 2, Episode 10 (Credit - Apple TV+)




“Creation Myths” is an action-packed finale filled with many clever plot twists and lots of cinematic deaths. The series ends its many storylines in a satisfactory way and sets up future ones at the very same time. These new setups feel a little repetitive, though, offering slightly altered versions of what came before.

The season 2 of Foundation concludes with episode 10, “Creation Myths,” which brings a fitting finality to the current set of storylines from the sci-fi epic while offering up new subplots moving forward. The ending explores Hari’s (Jared Harris) secret plan, Demerzel’s (Laura Birn) own sinister schemes and Gaal’s (Lou Llobell) future mission.

The finale starts with Hari explaining his surprise return. He states that it wasn’t his body that Salvor found drowned in the waters. Gaal had linked her subconscious to Hari’s and helped him to escape.

She coerced a guard named Venik to save Hari’s life, and then he took Hari’s place. Gaal used Tellem’s powers against her, making an illusion that even the Mentalics couldn’t see. Everyone saw Hari in Venik’s place.

After this explanation, the Mentalics make their way to Salvor’s ship. The colony wants peace, Tellem’s hold over them is finally lifted, they are now free after her death. The colony bows before Hari, Gaal, and Salvor.

Meanwhile, on Trantor, Rue and Dusk remain trapped in Demerzel’s old cell. The robot returns from Terminus to see why the cell’s sensors were triggered.

Dusk realizes that Demerzel is the puppet master pulling the strings after all. Demerzel doesn’t see it that way, though. She loved and loathed Cleon for what he did to her; she admits that she has been programmed this way. She must still protect Day at all costs.

Foundation Season 2 Finale (Credit – Apple TV+)

Blind Angels

Rue and Dusk try to reason with Demerzel but it is far too late. Dusk realizes in that moment that Demerzel was the one who hired the Blind Angels, but it wasn’t to kill Day. It was just to scare him. She then confesses to altering bank records to make it look like Queen Sareth was the traitor. She will be executed for this treason.

Rue tries to escape, but it is no use. Dusk accepts his fate and forgives Demerzel for what she is about to do. Rue and Brother Dusk are killed off-screen.

Back in Terminus’ orbit, Brother Day watches as the planet crumbles before him. He orders Bel to take them to the next planet under the Foundation’s control.

Bel refuses to comply, though. Day orders She-Bends-Light instead. The Spacers are working with Hober Mallow in secret, though she triggers a chain reaction that destroys all of Day’s fleet one ship at a time.

Hari Seldon’s plan

It’s a suicide mission though, meaning that everyone onboard Bel’s ship will also die, including Day himself. Hober admits that the disagreement with the Spacers was just a ruse, this was Hari’s master plan all along. They tricked Day into bringing his entire fleet to Terminus so that they could destroy them.

Enraged by this trickery, Day starts to fight with Hober. Bel joins in, battling Day throughout the ship. Bel is then pushed into an airlock and launched into space.

Again, this was also a trick. Bel uses a device to switch places with Day. It is Brother Day who freezes to death in space, not Bel.

Day’s army stood down without their leader. The explosions grow nearer; the ship doesn’t have long left. Bel smuggles Brother Constant to safety in an external cleaning machine, but the rest of the crew perish. Bel and Hober share a drink together as the ship explodes.

Back on Trantor, Demerzel’s plan goes ahead, and Queen Sareth is arrested. Dawn argues with Demerzel about this injustice and spots a green smudge on her neck. This is a subtle message from Dusk telling Dawn that she is a traitor.

Dawn rescues Queen Sareth, and they escape the planet together. Demerzel is told of Day’s death and then watches as Dawn and Sareth make an announcement about their brother’s passing and their new union.

Demerzel promises to hunt them down. Dawn says his goodbyes, finding out that Sareth is pregnant with his child.

Foundation Season 2 Finale (Credit – Apple TV+)

Foundation Season 2 Ending Explained

Brother Constant floats through space and is found by the Vault. Poly greets her along with all of the Terminus population. Hari saved them all within the Vault, including Glawen and Sef too. This was always Hari’s plan, to sacrifice Terminus to save the Foundation. But, of course, he managed to save all of Terminus’ inhabitants as well.

On Ignis, Gaal and Hari are seen recovering. Tellem takes over Josiah’s body and attacks Gaal. Salvor takes the shot instead, saving Gaal’s life. At the very same moment, she kills both Josiah and Tellem. Gaal holds Salvor in her arms as her daughter dies.

In the final moments, Demerzel wakes up new versions of all three Brothers. She then shows them the Prime Radiant, which is in her possession, although she cannot decipher it yet. Gaal and Hari are placed into cryo sleep so that they can face the Mule in the distant future. We fast forward 152 years to find the Mule beginning his mission to find and destroy Gaal.


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