The Wheel of Time season 1, episode 3 recap – “A Place of Safety”

November 19, 2021
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The Wheel of Time’s third episode keeps the viewer on the edge of their seat and guessing what may happen next.

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The Wheel of Time’s third episode keeps the viewer on the edge of their seat and guessing what may happen next.

This recap of Amazon’s The Wheel of Time season 1, episode 3, “A Place of Safety,” contains spoilers. You can check out our spoiler-free season review by clicking these words.

Nynaeve is such a badass. The Ripley of The Wheel of Time. The episode opens, flashing back to when her beautiful hair tail dragged her off. She is dropped by a Trolloc who shows concern for his fellow bull-headed soldier. They are having trouble breathing, so they put his fellow Trolloc of their misery by the vicious, brutal attack of gutting them (remember, brutality to get to mercy).

The Wheel of Time season 1, episode 3 recap

This gives her a chance to escape. She runs down a hill with her kidnapper behind. She reaches the sacred pool. She slips in, staying close to the rocks. The Trolloc enters, and they slowly walk around as he pokes his weapon into the pool. She submerged herself in water so they wouldn’t see her, but the horned beast slid himself in. As they look around, Nynaeve slowly rises from the water, grabs the Trolloc’s blade from his belt, and stabs him in the neck. He pulls her under the water, and we see blood start to fill the pool. Suddenly, our fierce warrior rises above the water, catching her breath.

An honor, indeed.


Yes, she is a badass, but Lan takes her down easily as she keeps making threats. He takes away her weapon, knocks her out, and ties her to a tree. Though he unties her because she convinces him there are plants around that will cure the Trolloc poison in Moiraine’s shoulder. She dresses her wound with the mixture she created, and they wait.

Perrin and Egwene

They outrun the wolves to escape shelter. Perrin can’t start a fire to escape the frigid cold, but somehow Egwene can ignite one with her hands. They debate if they should go back home, but Perrin reminds her they would bring with them if they did. They need to head to the White Tower.

They settle into sleep. Perrin, though, has a few wolves attacking his deceased love. When Egwene wakes him up, the wolves are coming. As they try to outrun them, they reach a clearing, and as the wolves are about to pounce on the duo, they suddenly stop. Egwene wonders why they stopped, but Perrin tells her to keep running.

The wolves keep following them but keep to the outskirts. They enter a foggy-looking forest where they run into “The Traveling People,” who keep asking them if they know the song — they don’t, by the way. They are too lovely. They remind you of the churchgoers who keep asking you if you heard the good word. I wonder if they would be safer with the wolves.

Rand and Mat

Rand wants to go back home because this is the only place he can think of rendezvous. These two debate going back home, but Mat tells Rand the Trollocs will keep following them there, and Egwene is too bright for that. They need to head to the White Tower.

They find the nearest town along Caemlyn Road, where they learn a bloody expensive life lesson of trust in no one. Mat has his pouch of coins stolen by a humble, eloquent musician. Mat and Rand need money, so they chop wood and serve beer for tips and shelter for Dana, the owner/operator.

After finishing up, he takes a walk and runs into that Musician again. He pulls the ruby-hilted dagger, but he waves him of, telling him that he would kill him before he took a step towards him. The man asks several pointed questions on why he was here, and Mat avoids most of the truth but tells him his then was overrun by Trollocs. He helps cut down a woman who was killed and tells Mat to go on with it, but after he takes the dead’s valuables, the least he can do is bury the dead. That’s your name, son, he asks? He gives it to him. His reply?

He responds, “Thom Merrilin,” and offers his hand.

The Ending – Trust No One

Of course, sticking with the theme of the episode, Rand connects with the owner of the establishment. She tries to kiss him, but he, of course, denies her — he’s a one-woman man. Though, she is more disappointed in herself because she made her hair look just like Egwene for a reason.

Wait, what?

Dana is part of the dark order, and she has been seeing all five of them in her dreams. If she can get the Dragon prophecy, she can break the wheel that continues to see people kill each other. (Apparently, the dark order can be dark and live happily?). Rand breaks free of her, runs in Mat, and Dana then corners them both until Merlin throws a dagger that goes through the back of her neck and her throat.

They follow him and go east, and fast.

Meanwhile, Moiraine, Lan, and Nynaeve head southwest and approach the area occupied by the Aes Sedai. But they get more than some warm shelter, food, and medical care.

They caught a man claiming to be the dragon reincarnated.

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