Outlaws (2021) ending explained – the broken heart of Nacho

November 23, 2021
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This film discusses the ending of the Netflix film Outlaws (2021) and will contain spoilers. 

A film set during the late 70s Spain, the story is about a gang of youth delinquents and their affairs with a series of burglaries, heists, love, and more.

After the mad rides with them in their crimes, in the end, one of their associates, Chino betrays them and the group is chased down by the police. Three of the members (Zarco, Gordo, and Nacho) of the group try to escape them. In that process, Gordo gets shot and died. The other two, Zarco and Nacho, try their best to escape but Zarco gets shot in the leg and is unable to run. He advises Nacho to run. Though initially hesitant, he flees, leaving Zarco.

Netflix film Outlaws (2021) ending explained

He gets home and tells his dad the truth. His dad understands his situation and takes him to a seaside house, making up a story to feed the officers who come to arrest Nacho. Though the officers get his lie, they let Nacho go as they feel for Nacho as his situation will be getting worse if he ends up being in prison after being persuaded by his dad. They don’t care about Nacho as they get the group leader Zarco in their custody.

The film then cuts to the present day from where the film starts with an older Nacho waiting for his call to visit Zarco in the prison. He is in the prison for 28 years. So, being a lawyer, Nacho comes to Zarco to propose his assistance in his case. There they argue about their involvement with Tere in the past. There Zarco reveals that he and Tere were brother and sister from different mothers but the same father.

Nacho is quite shocked by this news and as Tere was deceased earlier, to remember her he revisits the same old bar where their group usually hung out. There he reminisces over the last encounter with Tere when she gave him her favorite bracelet. He picks that up from his court’s pocket and understands his guilt of suspecting her and not being able to tell her how much he wanted to be with her and he understands what he lost due to his jealousy and suspicion.

In the final scene, the heartbroken Nacho walks past the bridge of the red-light area, where he finds his friends and most importantly his love, Tere.

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