A Castle for Christmas ending explained – do Sophie and Myles end up together?

November 26, 2021 (Last updated: November 30, 2022)
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This article explains the ending of the Netflix film A Castle for Christmas and contains spoilers.

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A Castle for Christmas is your typical festive movie to get audiences into the spirit, offering plenty of holiday themes and a romance for the hopeless romantics. In the Netflix film, Sophie ends up in a rural village in Scotland and visits a castle that is at risk of being sold. The grumpy Duke, Myles, owns the land, the castle, and the area surrounding the village. He feels a sense of responsibility for everyone. So when wealthy author Sophie visits, who has an intrinsic family link to the castle, so sentimentality wants to buy the castle, a reluctant Myles accepts, believing the deposit will cover his financial woes, and Sophie will not enjoy the life of maintaining a castle and will eventually leave.

But it turns out that Sophie and Myles’s dislike for each other was a blanket over their attraction. The pair end up falling in love. However, near the end of the film, Myles becomes frustrated and believes Sophie is making him a guest in his own home. On Christmas Eve, a heartbroken Sophie tries to leave the village in the snow and return to America, but her taxi ends up breaking down. She has to stay for Christmas Eve. 

Netflix film A Castle for Christmas ending explained

However, the Christmas film predictably offers hope to end the story. Sophie decides not to go to the Christmas Eve party and stays in a hotel room instead. Myles, who knows he has messed up, visits her with two horses. He admits he is willing to lose the castle, but not her, and that he’s falling in love with her. The pair kiss and they ride on horseback to the castle for the party. Myles and Sophie end up together.

Oh, and Sophie manages to write her new book too, which is received well by her publicist. A double happy ending for our character.

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