Light the Night ending explained – who was the victim?

November 27, 2021
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This article contains major spoilers for Light the Night and its ending.

Since Season 2 (and indeed Season 3) of Light the Night has already been confirmed, one could hardly expect the finale to reveal everything. That having been said, it certainly reveals something mightily important – the identity of the victim. That changes the central dramatic question from who was killed (it was Sue) to who did the killing (it could have been virtually anyone). For all the show’s melodramatic tendencies, at its heart is a murder mystery that is genuinely compelling in its unpredictability. With so many viable suspects, it’ll be difficult for those who’re invested not to tune in next month to find out what happens next.

Light the Night ending explained

As the episode opens we’re reminded that everyone from Ah-Chi to Aiko have reasons to have killed Sue, from her “stealing” Mr. Nakamura from the former to having ruined the family life of the latter. Light Bar’s internal politics are complicated at the best of times – there’s the whole matter of a robbery in this episode, basically just because – so there is no shortage of motive to go with all those suspects. Among all this, though, Ah-Chi emerges as the likeliest candidate, at least in my eyes. She drugs Nakamura and sleeps with him, prompting Sue to claim to be leaving for Japan without him when she finds out, but Nakamura proposes to Sue in front of everyone – complete with a diamond ring! – which Ah-Chi is visibly incandescent with rage about.

But then there’s always Rose. Light the Night has, after all, revolved around the relationship between these two, and while some of the finale implies they’ve patched up their differences, it seems tokenistic. The fact that Light the Night ends with Rose staring at Sue’s body suggests that their relationship is going to remain very central in the second and third parts, and we certainly can’t dismiss her as a suspect just because there are likelier candidates. Rose certainly sells her grief upon seeing Sue’s body, but you don’t run a club in the red-light district without learning how to summon some crocodile tears.

What there’s no ambiguity about, though, is the fact that Sue was murdered, inevitably by someone she knew. That stands Season 2 in very good stead, allowing the next eight episodes to hit the ground running with the drama without having to set the scene and introduce the major players. Those who enjoyed this outing – and I’m sure, despite the melodrama, there will be several – will doubtlessly be checking out the next. While this first season certainly wasn’t perfect, you can’t say it didn’t accomplish its main objective.

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