Spoiled Brats ending explained – will the brats learn their lesson?

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: November 27, 2021
Spoiled Brats ending explained - will the brats learn their lesson?

This article discusses the end of the Netflix film Spoiled Brats, so it will contain spoilers.

Francis Bartek (Gerard Jugnot) lives in Monaco with his three children. They are also known as the spoiled brats: Stella (Camille Lou), Philippe (Artus), and Alexandre (Louka Meliava). From the get-go, the “spoiled brats” are shown to be just that. Stella is rude when a driver is slow to open a door for her, Philippe struggles to remember where his Dad parked the boat, and Alexandre flees after sleeping with a married woman.

As Francis’s birthday approaches, Stella proves herself to be particularly spoiled, as she berates her make-up artist, despite the make-up looking fine. For Francis, his birthday is a nightmare as Stella announces she will marry Juan Carlos (Tom Leeb). He also learns that Philippe won’t attend the party, as he has hired a private jet to party in Ibiza. It only gets worse. Mr. Rombi, the husband of the wife that Alexandre slept with, turns up to the party furious over Alexandre’s behavior. Imagine his horror when he finds Alexandre with both of his daughters. It’s the breaking point for Francis, and he has a heart attack.

Two months later, in a ruse set up by Francis, the “spoiled brats” have their cards blocked as the police storm the mansion. In a ploy, Francis tells his children that the company is in trouble as the fraud team found willful misconduct. He claims that accounts are frozen, and they may all go to prison. And so he takes them to a house, practically in ruins, and says they must live there. Despite the situation, Stella sells Philippe’s watch and buys bags of clothes. It causes a riot with the family, after which Francis demands all the children get jobs.

Stella forces herself to become a waitress. Despite Philippe’s best efforts to gain a job as a senior manager, he becomes a driver. Whilst both are terrible at their jobs, it’s karma for their earlier behavior towards workers in the same roles. Alexandre, meanwhile, makes himself a hammock and sleeps. With slight force from his siblings, he eventually begins to help Francis around the house.

Spoiled Brats ending explained

As time passes, the “spoiled brats” are no longer spoiled brats! Yay! They understand the act of making money and start being kind to others. But it’s not just them who learn a lesson. Francis learns to be there for his children’s needs. Happily ever after? Not yet. When Juan discovers what Juan has done, he blackmails Juan into allowing Stella to marry him. And soon, Juan claims he has sold an island in Argentina to “bail” the family out of the embezzlement situation. With that, the family return to their luxurious lives as Francis fears that his children won’t trust him if they learn about his deceit.

When Juan takes Stella to city hall, Francis realizes that it must be because he plans to marry her. So he picks up Alexandre and Philippe and stops the wedding. Francis reveals the truth. Stella slaps Juan and refuses to go ahead with the wedding. But Stella, Alexandre, and Philippe are furious to think their father saw them as “spoiled brats”. All three of them claim that they want to see him again.

9 months later. Stella is working on opening her own restaurant, and Alexandre has a home repair company whilst Philippe designs shoes that even Kayne West wears. As for Francis, he is alone and unhappy. After being tricked to go to Stella’s birthday party, the family unites and celebrate together.

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