Alex Rider season 2, episode 7 recap – “Assassin”

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: December 1, 2021 (Last updated: December 3, 2021)
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Alex Rider season 2, episode 7 recap - "Assassin"


The stakes become higher than ever in “Assassin” as Alex finds himself a guest of the enemy.

This recap of Alex Rider season 2, episode 7, “Assassin”, contains spoilers.

After trying to prevent Cray from killing Charlie Roper in the previous episode, Alex has gotten himself and Kyra captured. Neither of them, though, seems particularly phased by it — Kyra even criticizes the quality of Evelyn’s coding, which as we all know is a pretty surefire way of antagonizing a programmer. They don’t seem to have a way out as of yet, but Kyra’s magical plot-hacking will be sure to come in useful I’m sure.

Alex Rider season 2, episode 7 recap

Elsewhere, Crawley is interrogating Sean Palmer, Cray’s head of security who Yassen fitted up as being Scorpia assassin Thomas Ashton, but it becomes obvious pretty quickly that he has no idea what they’re talking about. Jones detects this, and for once, even Blunt doesn’t disagree. But the bigger picture remains inscrutable, for now.

If only everyone was like Tom, who also has no real idea what’s going on, but doesn’t hesitate in acting on what he does know, which is that Alex and Kyra have obviously run into some difficulties in the Craystar International offices. He calls Jack, who is focusing on beating Dan for the job opportunity and just so happens to be in Craystar’s London building. Since Kyra hacked Evelyn’s workstation and disseminated all of her passwords and such, Jack is able to distract Cray by sending an email from Evelyn’s account announcing the cancellation of the Feathered Serpent 2 launch. Of course, this email creates a media storm that inadvertently saves Alex’s life, since Cray hears about it just as he’s about to execute him.

“Assassin” sees Cray becoming more and more unstable and villainous as his master plan continues not to go off as hitchlessly as he expected. He’s forced to waste time giving a statement to the media that the game will be launching as planned, which buys Alex and Kyra time to escape and recover the copied game code. On their way out, Alex discovers a suspicious-looking vial in a secure box, but they leave behind a tell-tale Ethernet cable which allows Evelyn to discover the missing game data almost immediately. Cray also discovers the missing vial, which only incenses him further. In a lengthy and honestly kind of ridiculous sequence, he dons a pair of gloves and remotely pilots a drone in what must be the least-effective possible way of piloting a drone. And he doesn’t half do so dramatically.

The episode at least sneaks some little character moments into all this, with Tom saving Kyra from gunfire, and Alex getting his hero moment by launching an iron pipe like a javelin and taking the thing down. It’s fun to watch Cray fail repeatedly at using this drone after he made such a big deal of taking control of it. Afterward, he calls up Scorpia to request another favor, and we don’t have to wait long to find out what it is.

As Alex delivers the copied code to Mrs. Jones and Kyra leaves with her to help Smithers decipher it, Alex returns home to receive a call from Cray, who has had Yassen kidnap Sabina from the hospital and is currently holding her hostage. He wants the vial back. Whatever’s in it must be important.

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