Harlem season 1, episode 9 recap – “Secrets”

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: December 3, 2021 (Last updated: June 16, 2023)
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Amazon Harlem season 1, episode 9 - Secrets


“Secrets” is a decent episode as Camille is torn between Jameson and Ian. Quinn’s friendship with Isabela takes an interesting turn while Angie learns what her friends really think of Get Out: The Musical.

This recap of Amazon’s Harlem season 1, episode 9, “Secrets,” contains spoilers.

Harlem season 1, episode 9 recap

The ninth episode of Harlem begins with Camille, Tye, and Quinn watching the dress rehearsal of Get Out: The Musical. Do they think it was good? Hell no. They think it was terrible. When Angie comes to see them, they hide the truth from her. The best they can say is that “it was an experience.” With Quinn’s feelings for Shawn growing, she agrees to babysit his son J.J in an attempt to win him over. Camille agrees to help Ian with the restaurant, although she keeps that hidden from Jameson. Instead, she tells Jameson that Angie has had an emergency. As Camille and Ian visit an art exhibition, Quinn falls asleep whilst looking after J.J. After she wakes up, to keep J.J entertained, Quinn takes J.J bowling, an idea she has stolen from Isabela’s Instagram.

To help improve Angie’s career prospects, Tye takes Angie to a movie with the hope that Angie will meet the director, Carter (Darryl Gene Daughtry Jr.). However, whilst everyone else in the audience finds the film emotional and heartfelt, Angie thinks the movie is hysterical. Tye awkwardly has to tell Angie that the director is sitting behind them. After the film finishes, Tye introduces Angie to Carter, but Angie doesn’t provide Carter with the best feedback. Whilst Carter responds, very politely, that, “It can be difficult for some people to understand,” Angie insults him and calls him “basic.”

As Camille is unable to get an Uber, Ian offers to drop her off whilst he has his driver take him home. But whilst on the journey home, along with Louis (Pascal Yen-Pfister), they realize it’s not the usual driver. Instead, they’re taken at gunpoint and get forced to throw their phones out of the car window. Whilst playing a game of bowling with Isabella and J.J, Quinn learns that Isabella is gay. They laugh after learning that Patricia tried to set Isabella up with Quinn’s 58-year-old gay aunt. Quinn and Isabella continue to have a great time, and they nearly kiss. 

The ending

On the subway home, Tye berates Angie for her treatment of Carter. Angie defends herself, “I was just keeping it real. You wanna win, you play the game”. In return, Tye tells Angie that Get Out: The Musical was terrible. “See, some things are better left unsaid.” What does Angie do? Well, she throws Tye’s husband drama back in her face. As they are mugged, Camille and Ian are taken underground towards an ATM. But as there are limits on how much can be taken, they are only able to give the mugger a limited amount of cash. Afterward, they’re held in a room. Ian reveals to Camille that he still loves her, and they’re about to kiss when Louis breaks in. He has found a way for them to escape. 

The second to last episode of the first season of Harlem concludes with each of the four main characters holding onto a secret. When Tye goes to see Brendon, she finds out that he hasn’t signed the divorce papers.

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