The Wheel of Time season 1, episode 5 recap – “Blood Calls Blood”

December 3, 2021
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In episode 5, Nynaeve is caught up in a game of Aes Sedai political chess as the Warders continue to worry about one of their own.

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In episode 5, Nynaeve is caught up in a game of Aes Sedai political chess as the Warders continue to worry about one of their own.

This recap of Amazon’s The Wheel of Time season 1, episode 5, “Blood Calls Blood,” contains spoilers.

The Wheel of Time season 1, episode 5 recap

The Aes Sedai mourn and put to rest the fallen during the attack on their camp by the army of Gheadlan to free Logain.

Moiraine, Lan, and Nynaeve

After all, Moiraine warns Nynaeve to watch her back when they reach the Aes Sedai home — it’s tower politics. Each woman is looking to solidify their agenda, and word will spread about her arrival and her gifts—Moiraine councils her on what to do next. Yet, Nynaeve does not stay in her room. She lets Stepin in to give him something to sleep as he continues to mourn the loss of his master (it may be the worst case of Stockholm syndrome I have ever seen. She then is called to Ran’s room, where he is looking over Mat, who continues to spiral down the rabbit hole of the red dagger and dark order.

Mat and Rand

They are heading towards the White City, and Mat looks like death becomes him — the red dagger is taking over his body towards the dark side. Rand enters the city in desperate need of a haircut or a young woman to run her hands through it, enters the town with Mat looking to regain their strength on their way to the white city. For some reason, Mat still feels he may have been the one to hurt that family and not the shadowspawn. Later that day, in a library, Rand meets a man that looks like he was taken right out of Beauty and the Beast. He is an Ogier named Loial. Of course, he runs out of the building when he sees Mat walking down the road with a commotion. They see the Aes Sedai Liandin and Alanna bring in the false dragon, but Logain meets the eyes of Mat and begins to laugh hysterically.

Egwene and Perrin

The way of belief versus the course of the light is displayed during Egwene and Perrin’s journey with their traveling pack of do-gooders. The way of the lights stops them from looking for the false dragon and points to our heroes as the ones he wants to take in (and maybe cook them up as barbeque). So, it’s the light versus the leaves and after their leader (a woman) tells a parable about how you can destroy a leaf, but it always comes full circle back to earth, she is slapped across the face by the white coats as they beat down The Wheel of Time’s hippies into the ground themselves. While Egwene and Perrin escape, of course, the white coats catch up to them.

So, Eamon Valder has the children of the lights scrub down Egwene and ties her to a wooden chair while he eats a roast bird or two. Then he brings Perrin in and ties him up to medieval wooden stocks, shackled so he can’t move. While Valder threatens to kill Egwene and prove she is an Aes Sedai and channel, he moves onto Perrin and begins to carve into his back to torture an admission out of her. While Perrin and Egwene wait, he confesses to her that he killed his wife accidentally. Egwene tells him it was not his fault, and it may take the rest of his life to realize it, but he will. As Valder begins again to draw a pattern of tick-tac-toe boards with his knife all over Perrin’s back, Egwene decides. She channels!

That damn Valder was right! She can channel energy, and as he turns his back to Perrin, she shoots off the most adorable little flame that a new Aes Sedai could ever throw. He laughs it off and is about to attack her with his blade when all of a sudden, Perrin’s eyes turn yellow, and his wrists burn a hole in the ropes that have tied him down. They hear the wolves outside. Valder sees Perrin rise and asks aloud, “What are you?” Egwene jumps up and stabs Valder in the neck.

He has the power of the wolves.

The ending

Liandin squares off with Moiraine, telling her that she needs to step aside to mentor Nynaeve. Meanwhile, Stepin says his goodbyes as he commits suicide and ignores Alanna’s offer of becoming his new Aes Sedai. 

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