Far From Home season 1 ending explained – how does Ishaya survive?

December 16, 2022
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“Revelations Are Forever” ups the stakes with Rambo on a rampage, but still manages to provide a decent amount of payoff for multiple characters.

This article contains major spoilers for Far From Home season 1, episode 5, “Revelations Are Forever”, including an open discussion about the Far From Home season 1 ending.

The Nigerian Netflix series Far From Home is a young-adult drama blending teenage shenanigans with a crime plot, and in the first season finale, “Revelations Are Forever”, both of these elements come together with higher stakes than ever. It must be said that the crime stuff very much overwhelms the coming-of-age elements, but there are enough character moments that have been developed across the previous four episodes that the ending provides a decent amount of payoff, even if it doesn’t quite bring the story to a complete close.

So, here’s what happened.

Far From Home ending explained

Following all the drama from Frank‘s kidnapping and Carmen discovering that Atlas cheated on her, Oga Rambo has taken over the gang, Frank has returned to school much before he’s emotionally ready to do so, and Ishaya and Atlas are still sworn enemies. Yikes.

In the midst of all this Adufe is still being strong-armed into working for Rambo, and their next plan is to kidnap Carmen, which Adufe wants Ishaya’s help with. Of course, we know this isn’t going to happen because of his affection for Carmen, which Adufe admits outright that she’s trying to spite him for, but Ishaya is quickly running out of options. He goes to Government for help, who isn’t keen on the plan because kidnapping the children of influential families will doubtlessly lead to problems down the road, but his efforts to intervene fall on deaf ears.

So, Ishaya, with no other choice, confesses to his friends and the Wilmer Academy staff about his drug dealing, Frank’s kidnapping, and the plan to snatch Carmen. The police raid the gang’s hideout and manage to arrest Government, but Rambo, Baido, and Adufe are able to get away. And Rambo, needless to say, is not happy about the situation.

Does Rambo manage to kidnap Carmen?

In response to this, Rambo and his goons raid Wilmer Academy with the intention of snatching Carmen and killing Ishaya. This whole sequence manages to pay off some of the character relationships that have been developing throughout the season — Nem gets a really funny moment with David/Daniel/Duncan, and Reggie reveals that he has been a black belt since the age of ten — while also managing to deliver some excitement and tension.

The kids do a surprisingly good job of fighting off Rambo’s goons — so good, in fact, that Rambo is forced to flee when the police arrive, with none of the students having been taken. However, when Ishaya speaks with a captive Government later, he’s reminded that there is no way for him and his family to avoid Rambo’s wrath.

What happens to Adufe in the Far From Home ending?

Having been forced to work for Rambo, Adufe is still trapped doing his bidding when he sends Baido to bring Ishaya to him. Ishaya is also still trying to protect Adufe. Eventually, Ishaya and Rambo come face to face, and the latter begins strangling the former to death. However, Adufe intervenes, hitting Rambo over the head. Baido is clearly working for her. She offers Ishaya to do the same.

At the end of the episode, which takes place two weeks later, we see that Adufe has taken over the gang and is keeping Rambo in a cage.

Does Ishaya win the art competition?

Ishaya does win the art competition, but it takes some effort.

This is partly due to everything going on with Rambo, but it’s also because of Atlas, who uses blackmail to avoid being disqualified and sabotages Ishaya’s entry. Luckily, Ishaya has a backup submission, and at the end of the episode, we hear him being discussed on television as the winner, with his masterpiece being displayed in Wilmer Academy.

You can stream Far From Home season 1, episode 5, “Revelations Are Forever”, exclusively on Netflix. What did you think of the Far From Home season 1 ending? Let us know in the comments.

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    Please let there be a season 2 pls

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    Very interesting, I love it so much
    But is that where the movie ends being discussed on television as the winner

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    Is the season 2 out?

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    Actually the movie is nice but we need to know if Carmen was able to leave rehabilitation center and how who she finally made up her mind with

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