Far From Home Season 2 Has Still Not Been Renewed and is Likely Cancelled

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: December 16, 2022 (Last updated: February 26, 2024)
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Will there be a Far From Home Season 2?
Far From Home Season 1 Image (Credit - Netflix)

Nigeria’s first young-adult drama on Netflix  is in the form of Far From Home, a five-episode splice of teen shenanigans and a crime plot about a young aspiring artist trying to better the lives of himself and his family at the prestigious Wilmer Academy. It quickly became popular, yet Netflix has still not renewed the TV series for Season 2, making it likely that it is cancelled.

Taking that basic premise of shows like Elite and giving it a fairly distinct vibe helps to position Far From Home Season 1 as a worthwhile outing in an overstuffed genre, and those who discover and enjoy it may be wondering about its future.

Will there be a Far From Home Season 2?

We have no official word about the future of the series, despite Netflix having more of enough time to review the watch hours data. It’s been over a year since the series was released, making it very likely that Far From Home has been cancelled.

With certain high-profile cancelations in the last few years, most notably of Warrior Nun, it’s clear that the streaming giant really isn’t willing to take any chances on shows that don’t perform like gangbusters.

The chances of Far From Home developing that kind of following are slim, at best. In part, this is Netflix’s own fault since the marketing for the show has been appalling, even to the extent that simply finding basic materials like promotional posters has been difficult for those of us actually trying to give the show some coverage. It doesn’t seem like Netflix has put much money behind this, and on that level, it seems unlikely that they’d put more in outside of it being an enormous success.

Will it be? That’s harder to say, though I’m tempted to say no given it’s a slight series — just five episodes — in a very crowded field. It’s decent, but it’s not so good as to really become a huge talking point.

However, Netflix clearly values its African content, and many offerings have been not only well received but have run for multiple seasons, such as Blood & WaterFar From Home might enjoy that level of success but in all likelihood, it won’t.

Artistically speaking, there’s definitely some mileage left in the story. The season finale saw a central character take control of a criminal empire, and many of the students, including the protagonist Ishaya, didn’t completely round out their arcs. If the fan interest is there then the story might logically follow, but we predict that Far From Home will not be renewed for a second season.

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