Blood & Water season 3 review – a thrilling third installment

By Daniel Hart
Published: November 25, 2022
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It does not suffer from stagnation, keeping the story fresh and the characters alive with energy and charisma.

We review Netflix’s Blood & Water season 3, which contains no major spoilers. Is the third installment worth the wait? We give our verdict. 

Blood & Water has had quite the journey since 2020. Flit forward to 2022, and the African conspiracy-filled drama still has legs, making season 3 a review-worthy experience. Even though I had reservations for season 2, Blood & Water has a formula that works. The chemistry with the cast, the fast-paced plot, and the intrinsic writing makes the entire journey a storytelling experience.

Puleng Khumalo (Ama Qamata), and her long-lost sister, Fikile Bhele (Khosi Ngema), return, but this time season 3 has upped the stakes. The perpetrators that have inflicted pain across the two families are starting to unravel, and the teenagers, along with their social issues, are starting to get to the bottom of a suspected human trafficking cell. Blood & Water season 3 wastes no time following the season 2 ending and gets its hands dirty from the start.

Fans will be desperate for this story to start bringing conclusions, especially after we learn of the moving parts in the second installment. The third installment sees how the corrupt adults in the story connect. I’ve always found Blood & Water fascinating in this regard. How we witness teenagers living in a seemingly casual adult world, where the work of “the corrupt” is child’s play with little drama unfolding. I’ve always wondered how the teens in this story seemingly have more drama than their counterpart adults when it’s the adults who hold the truth to all the secrets.

With Fiks the confirmed biological sister of Puleng, nothing can be left hidden in the story, which gives the writers the chance to rile up the plot. And the cast responds greatly. Credit has to be given to the casting director of this Netflix show, who has managed to bring together a mix of ingredients that make the perfect meal. It’s flagrant that the cast enjoys working together because the story flows with them.

And with increased peril, more action, and a voyage for the truth, you’d think the series would lower its standards. But the production team and cast have decisively raised the bar. Many teen dramas fall into the trap of becoming silly with too much going on, but not this show. Blood & Water has beaten the sophomore slump and kept its head high, bringing the best so far. 

Blood & Water season 3 is a fantastic third installment. It does not suffer from stagnation, keeping the story fresh and the characters alive with energy and charisma. I sincerely believed the third season would suffer from another bout, but surprisingly, I walked away wanting more, despite many answers given.

Let’s hope enough has been done in the third season to warrant a Blood & Water season 4.

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