Money Heist season 5, volume 2 review – the sweetest end to one of the greatest series

By Daniel Hart
Published: December 3, 2021 (Last updated: February 17, 2024)
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Netflix Money Heist season 5, volume 2


Drink it, soak it in. I promise you’ll never see a story like this ever again.

This review of Netflix’s Money Heist season 5, volume 2, does not contain spoilers.

I have to admit, I was pretty grumpy when Netflix decided to split season five into two volumes. “Why drag it out” I wondered. However, as soon as season 5 began, we witnessed the cinematic feel, the well-delivered action sets, and an audacious script; it was clear — this was a streaming event, not a final season. This was an experience more than a story. Money Heist has managed to achieve many things; it’s justified the absurd, the intrinsic storylines, and the jaw-dropping twists. Yet, the story never lost posture. It never loses composure or value. Many would think that spanning two heists over five seasons would be overkill. It wasn’t overkilled. It was sublime.

Money Heist‘s ultimate ace is its characters. It builds up each event with character desires, principles, and moral compass. By weaving in romance and a determination for victory and reason, it’s already one of the greatest series by the time it reaches the second half of season 5. And by then, the characters were so well developed that audiences fell in absolute love with them. Except for Arturo, of course.

By season 5, Money Heist had proposed an idea. It successfully weaves in politics and the insanity and unfairness of the economic system. It became a heist of ideas over a heist of money. Psychological warfare took over. Season 5 was never about the gold loot; it was about which ideology won. Who could swerve public opinion more? The authorities or The Professor? And it seems to me that was the biggest trick played on the audience. We were led down a path of greedy opportunists led by a genius, only to be exposed to a world of community and a shared proposition to dismantle the system. Volume 2 of Money Heist season 5 is the ultimate result that does not let the audience down.

Yes, you have to elevate your belief system on what is possible. Yes, you have to endure many twists and heartwrenching moments. But, what’s clear is that Money Heist desperately wanted to win the hearts of the audience. The writers wanted you out of your seat, applauding each plot swerve and character decision. It’s pure escapism. It’s audacious and addictive. Season 5, volume 2 more than delivers to the audience. It kept to its promise to end the series with an excellent finish.

And while we will all miss Money Heist, we can all walk away (and revisit) knowing the writers did the best for the audience. Too many TV series have come and finished with a conclusion that does not live up to expectations. Every time a series does live up to the concept, we feel attached to it. Money Heist is one of those series now. A proving point is Game of Thrones — it never really survived after that final season.

When you get to the final episode of Money Heist season 5, volume 2, you will see one last poker play. You will witness the last moments of solid characters. It will leave you empty but satisfied.

Drink it, soak it in. I promise you’ll never see a story like this ever again.

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