Money Heist season 5, volume 2 – Tatiana had an affair with Berlin’s son Rafael

December 3, 2021
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This article, “Tatiana had an affair with Berlin’s son Rafael,” contains spoilers regarding Money Heist season 5, volume 2. 

Despite Berlin dying a pretty long time ago in the Money Heist timeline, he has remained one of the most important characters. Throughout season 5, we have seen him being integral for the heist of the Spanish Bank, so much so that his son has the upper hand later in volume 2. Some of the subplots felt meaningless, but the writers had us fooled. Nearly everything involving Berlin became relevant, coming full circle by the finale. A dead character still being powerfully relevant is a sign of excellent writing.

However, in season 5, we understood why Berlin was so bitter and twisted for the first heist. We know why it was not only his terminal disease that made him so sinister and evil towards most characters. He’s a character that was often difficult to understand, but then you saw his flashbacks; it was a different personality. If a spin-off for Berlin does happen, we are sure he’ll be equally as intriguing.

Tatiana has an affair with Berlin’s son Rafael in Money Heist season 5, volume 2

Berlin suffered a major heartbreak in the past. During a flashback in volume 2, we learn that Tatiana divorced him. At the height of his emotions, Berlin followed Tatiana to see who she was having an affair with. In a shocking moment, it’s revealed that Tatiana was having an affair with Berlin’s son Rafael. His life was turned upside down, believing this was the woman who would be by his side as he slowly dies from his terminal illness.

Berlin confronts his son about the affair. Rafael appears regretful for not telling his father before he worked it out. But he is insistent that he has fallen in love with his soon-to-be ex-wife despite only having an affair for three weeks. Berlin makes Rafael and Tatiana aware that they will receive none of his wealthy pension or inheritance when he dies and bitterly wishes them both good luck. This is probably what spurred Tatiana and Rafael to upend The Professor late in season 5.

Berlin and heartbreak clearly do not mix well.

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