Single All the Way ending explained – who does Peter spend Christmas with?

December 3, 2021 (Last updated: November 30, 2022)
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The article discusses the ending of the Netflix film Single All the Way, so it will contain spoilers.

At the start of Single All the Way, as the holiday season approaches, Peter dates Tim (Steve Lund). Their relationship seems to be going well, with Peter telling his family that he will be bringing Tim to the family home in New Hampshire for the holidays. That is, at least, until Peter’s best friend Nick (Philemon Chambers) finds out that Tim is married. It’s a huge pickle for Peter as he dreads the questions his family may ask if he spends yet another holiday season single. This is what leads Peter to a great idea; Nick should travel to New Hampshire and pose as his boyfriend. How very rom-com!

Although, as soon as Peter and Nick arrive in New Hampshire, Peter’s mother, Carole (Kathy Najimy), doesn’t fall for the ploy and instead encourages Peter to go on a blind date with her gym trainer, James (Luke Macfarlane). Whilst the date goes well, Peter’s family begins to sense that Nick is the one for Peter. With Peter’s father, Harold (Barry Bostwick), even telling Nick what he believes they should be together as Nick is the one to be around longer than anyone else in Peter’s life, “None of them ever lasted that long, but you lasted”.

Netflix film Single All the Way ending explained

Peter, however, does continue to date, James. And whilst the dates themselves go well, Peter can not stop talking about Nick. To the point that James even suspects there may be feelings between Peter and Nick. After Nick helps the family out with Aunt Sandy’s (Jennifer Coolidge) Christmas play, Nick eventually confesses to having feelings for Peter. But he sways from telling Peter in fear that the feelings won’t be shared. It still doesn’t stop Peter’s family from trying to bring the pair together, and his family tricks the pair into sharing a bed for the night.

When the small town comes together to watch the play, James sits alone, whilst Peter and Nick watch from the sidelines with their arms around each other. Later that night, Nick tells Peter that he is in love with him. But Peter prevents himself from saying that he feels the same way, as he doesn’t want to lose Nick as a friend. After a push from James to go after Nick, Peter eventually tells Nick that he loves him too.

At the end of Single All The Way, Peter and Nick move to New Hampshire together. Much to the delight of Peter’s family. But that’s not all; Nick has bought Peter a store for Peter to open up his own plant store. Single All the Way concludes with Kevin the Snow Plow Guy (Dan Finnerty) singing his yearly created Christmas track.

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