Harlem season 1 – who is Tye?

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: December 3, 2021
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Who is Tye in Amazon Harlem season 1

The article discusses who is Tye from Amazon Original Series Harlem season 1.

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Who is Tye in Amazon’s Harlem season 1?

Tye is an extremely successful queer dating individual that has created a successful app. Whilst she may be the most successful of the unbreakable gang, in terms of career, she doesn’t share that same luck with her relationships.

As she struggled with her sexuality from a young age, and whilst at college in Georgia, she got married to Brandon (Kadeem Ali Harris). But as soon as she grew tired of the lifestyle with Brandon, she left him without even saying goodbye. Whilst years later, Tye was levels more comfortable with her sexuality, the way that she treated Brandon continued to haunt her. None more so than the time her girlfriend Melissa (Ebonee Noel) broke up with her for her treatment of Brandon.

In the present timeline of Harlem, Tye prepares for a Forbes interview to discuss her extremely successful dating app. But to her horror, the interview is with a former one-night-stand Anna (Kate Rockwell). Whilst it makes for an awkward first interview, Tye accepts Anna’s offer of a date. Before long, the pair have had a few successful dates, although Tye still gives Anna mixed messages. Tye explains that with the nature of her dating app, she feels like a sell-out for dating a white person.

Tye’s past marriage

For the remainder of Harlem, Tye remains single. But it’s just as well, as she still has heaps of drama coming her way. After she collapses in agony and gets forced into having emergency surgery, Tye gets forced into revealing to Angie (Shoniqua Shandai), Quinn (Grace Byers), and Camille (Meagan Good) that she has a husband when Brandon resurfaces.

With Brandon back in the picture, Tye has to worry whether Brandon will be able to gain profits from the success of her app. Even if Tye were to take Brandon to court, it’s likely that she would lose. And so, Tye offers Brandon $25,000 to divorce her. Yet, he claims that he isn’t refusing to divorce because he wants money, but because he wants to spend time with her as she didn’t even say goodbye. However, Tye’s efforts to get rid of Brandon seem to alienate him, and he now claims that she deserves how he now intends to treat her, and it’s now about the money. Will Tye regret the manner in how she left Brandon without saying a word? It sure looks like it.

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