Aranyak season 1, episode 2 recap – finding new leads

December 10, 2021
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Episode 2 helps move the story forward, but it feels a little scattered already.

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Episode 2 helps move the story forward, but it feels a little scattered already.

This recap of Netflix’s Aranyak season 1, episode 2, does contain spoilers. 

Read the recap of the previous episode.

We are only on the second episode, and it’s already moving at a fast pace. Let’s hope the story does not get too complex and focuses on a few events rather than several.

Aranyak season 1, episode 2 recap

Episode 2 opens with Angad delivering a press conference regarding bringing down a drug gang leader — he appears to be on top of his job. It then flits to Angad questioning Julie, and he presses her whether she does drugs. The mother is only interested in knowing where her daughter Aimee is. Meanwhile, word of the dead body hung in the forest has spread through the community; Minister Jagdamba wonders if this is the work of the Leopard-Man. Nilima, who got married in the last episode, is very anxious — she asks for her husband, Ravi. Ravi also looks on edge, toying with a pistol. What’s he nervous about?

Kasturi and Angad visit Govind, a cafe owner — Angad reminds Kasturi that he’s in charge. He asks Govind about Julie and Aimee — he tells him they arrived in the village ten days ago.  Govind seems nervous when Angad realizes that he gave Aimee a bracelet. Govind’s wife asks Angad if this is the Leopard-Man, but he calls it a concocted tale.

When Angad visits the forensic expert, he tells her that it’s likely that Aimee was raped and she was a virgin. Angad seems increasingly concerned about this case, with everyone talking about the Leopard-Man.

Angad visits Kiki, the other daughter of Julie; he shows her photos of her mother’s boyfriend (Sundar) and her sister Aimee. He wants to know if Aimee and Julie fought all the time, but the social services staff intervene. When Angad returns, Kasturi tells Angad that she believes that Julie is a big part of this case, but he dismisses her.

Angad delivers the bad news to Julie — that her daughter Aimee is dead. She sobs. A mother has lost her child in this sad case. When Julie recovers, she tells Angad that her daughter didn’t do drugs. Angad tells her she is not under arrest, but she can’t leave the village. Afterward, Kasturi tells Angad to check the DNA as they cannot be sure they were mother and daughter, but Angad disputes that idea as French authorities have verified her identity.

Ravi arrives at an investors meeting late — he brings up Aimee and how her body was found hanging from a tree. He’s told not to be twisted in that mess and focus on the resort development by his father-in-law.

Angad learns that Aimee was with the minister Jagdamba’s son Kanti on the night she was killed. He heads to a club and wants footage, but then he’s alerted that Julie’s boyfriend Sundar has been found. When he heads to the hotel lodge that Sundar is in, he’s escaped. They learn from reception that Sundar left with Kasturi and Mahadev. When he returns to the police station, Sundar is in the interview room. Angad finds a smug Kasturi waiting for him. He asks her if they can do the interrogation together — he’s finally realized that she’s valuable.

The ending

Sundar claims that someone raped Aimee in the club, and he believes it was Kanti, the minister’s son. He also claims he tried to save Aimee, but Kanti’s men told him to leave her and threatened to kill him.

Kasturi has decided to work on the case alongside Angad — her husband is upset that she has decided not to take the year out of her career as promised. The episode ends with Kasturi and Angad attempting to move Sundar to another location, but someone slyly slices the man’s neck to kill him and walks off. This is escalated real quick!

Episode 2 helps move the story forward, but it feels a little scattered already.

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