Anonymously Yours ending explained – do Vale and Alex end up together?

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: December 11, 2021
Netflix film Anonymously Yours ending explained?

The article discusses the ending of the Netflix film Anonymously Yours, so it will contain spoilers.

Anonymously Yours starts with film lover Vale (Annie Cabello), who annoys her parents with what to see to be an addition to watching and making films. Despite their best attempts, Vale struggles to develop an interest in anything else. Their annoyance turns to anger when they learn that Vale wants to study cinema. Meanwhile, the show’s other lead character, Alex (Ralf), has a terrible start to his day when he has a bust-up with his gym classmates and ends up in detention. As for Vale, she also ends up in detention after submitting a video essay instead of a written essay. Whilst in detention, as Alex was given a fake number at a party, he messages the number unaware that it actually belongs to Vale. After they start messaging each other regularly, they begin to fall for the anonymous person. Yet, in real life, they appear to hate each other.

Their dislike for the other grows so strong that they vent their anger to their “anonymous” friend, unaware that they’re actually speaking to the person they’re criticizing. When the option of sharing names is brought up, Vale shuts it down. And so, they agree to remain anonymous. As the film progresses and Vale and Alex’s online relationship deepens, their real-life relationship also starts to improve. When two of their friends, Regina (Estefi Merelles) and Lina (Alicia Velez), date, Alex and Vale reluctantly spend time together. After Vale questions why Alex had been crying whilst at the cinema, she learns that it’s because he was watching his dead father’s favorite film. Following an in-depth heart-to-heart, they start to hang out more.

Netflix film Anonymously Yours ending explained?

But then comes the time that both Vale and Alex tell their “anonymous” friend that they want to meet. They share details of what clothes they will wear and agree to meet. When the meeting comes to fruition, Alex sees Vale before she sees him. In a moment of panic, he flees. As a result, he stops speaking to his “anonymous” friend and also begins to put distance between himself and Vale in real life.

As for Vale, she remains clueless as to why her “anonymous” friend has stopped messaging her. But that’s not her only problem. Her parents are still reluctant to allow her to study cinema. That, however, changes after they watch a film she has made about her father’s business. The film is positive and full of compliments towards her parents. Aware that they may have been too harsh on Vale, they finally allow Vale to move forward with her dream and study cinema. They add that her happiness is the most important thing to them.

In the final moment of Anonymously Yours, Vale attends prom. Whilst thrilled that her parents are allowing her to move forward with her dream, Vale is still dismayed that “anonymous” has failed to make any further contact. At the same time, and at home, instead of at the prom, Alex receives a voice message (it had failed to send earlier due to internet connection) from Vale under her anonymous alias. “I loved that I could always be me, there are so many things ending today, and I’m so in love with the boy who doesn’t love me back”.

The voice message changes Alex’s mind on recent events, and he rushes to the prom. As he rushes to the prom, he messages Vale to say he is coming. But as he tries to reach her, Richie (Harold Azuara) tries to block him from reaching her. But as the standoff causes tension, everyone in the prom crowds round to see the commotion. At this moment, Vale realizes that the “anonymous” person she has spoken to is, in fact, Alex. Finally, with both of them aware of each other’s identity, they kiss.

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