Russell Howard: Lubricant review – Howard’s hilarious special will have you in stitches

By Romey Norton
Published: December 14, 2021
Netflix special Russell Howard: Lubricant


Russell Howard is back after four years with his latest comedy special, and what a special it is!

Netflix special Russell Howard: Lubricant was released on the streaming service on December 14, 2021. 

In front of a giant, live audience Netflix has blessed us with Russell Howard’s first comedy special since 2017 – and boy had I missed this blonde, boss-eyed beauty. As a huge fan of Russell Howard, I was very excited to see this special coming to my screens. Showing us how Covid-19 impacted his life and career, he does not hold back.

Coming out all casual in a raglan shirt, he’s able to capture and hold a giant stage. Using many voices and daft impressions, Howard is so enjoyable to watch, especially when he giggles and breaks down laughing at himself. Seeing someone having such a fun time, adds to the viewers’ experience and for me, makes me wish I had the courage to be a comedian.

If you don’t know Russell Howard very well, he has a massive career in stand-up and television. His work includes BBC’s Russell Howard’s Good News and Russell Howard Hours, which are available to watch if you need more of him in your life. He’s worked on panel shows such as Mock the Week and makes appearances in many more. He’s a favorite of mine on Taskmaster.

Starting the show making jokes about the vaccine and anti-vaxxers, he has the audience in stitches. He dedicates the next segment to British Politics. At one point he suggests that Boris’ Johnson’s voice sounds like he has a vibrator stuck in him – so Russell quickly moves onto the raunchy, vulgar jokes, and they are so funny and on point and can’t help but laugh and cringe. Especially when he covers A**l Botox.

There is a second episode titled Russell Howard: Until the Wheels Come Off, a companion documentary to the special. Howard was set to embark on a world tour, which has been noted as the biggest tour of the comedian’s career, but then COVID-19 happened. Which eventually led to Russell Howard: Lubricant – so both go hand in hand and are well worth the watch. Russell Howard is said to be the first-ever comedian to launch a comedy stand-up special and documentary together on Netflix, which makes him one special guy.

My favorite section is when he says “we can’t lose the ability to laugh at ourselves” – this is 100% true and so important. Comedians can take real-life issues and make light of them, whilst making you think and hopefully, you’ll take away more than a stomach ache from laughing. In the second part, Russell says “if you can find laughter in pain, you can kinda get through anything.” And that, my friends, is why comedy is so important. You might have lost people, you might have lost a job, you might have lost a little bit of yourself, but we can come together and we can find light and laughter. The documentary Russell Howard: Until the Wheels Come Off is heartfelt, honest, and a great insight into a comedian’s life through a pandemic. 

From making jokes about periods (so funny I’m happy to let this man do it) to jokes about parenting, the Royal Family, Covid, and life in general, there isn’t a topic he doesn’t cover. Lasting just under 60 minutes, this is an hour of your time best spent. I highly recommend it if you’re looking for a good laugh. If you want to, I’d highly recommend watching the documentary after, as well. Take those two hours and laugh and then maybe cry but your heart will be full afterward.

Russell Howard now has more specials than Ted Bundy.

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